• Girish

    Sorry to state i am a premium member and i have received only 4 surveys this month till date and qualified for one and rest all as usual dq before this contest usually used to get somewhere around 20 surveys without any technical problems but now with this contest on i really dont understand the points for the survey has dropped from 45 to 19 and dq points from 4 to 3 and major of the surveys no participation points or survey is closed whereas the survey was started one hour back, or looping things go thorugh 8 10 screens and all remaining surveys on dashboard vanishes or else high points survey lands me into a blank page. Seeing all this Its not univox paying 30 dollars users are paying for christmas gift for qualifiers and one more thing before christmas contest there was uproar that all indians are on the leaderboard now what do i say Christmas is not for india... Rest all univox members please reply if i am wrong any negative contributions also accepted....
  • Nat M
    Have already said that this contest is unfair.
    Just looked on Ambassador and only 1 Indian is in the Top 100.........1%

    And yes we are funding this contest with the lower survey values
  • Kingalfred
    Higher values state ...closed...or...you have already taken ..... Even though I know I have not
    The high score for today is in the 300's so obviously surveys and plenty of them.. Available ..

    W/e's have never offered me abundant choices ... A dozen at most on average

    Just now.. Trying to protect my rank.. I am taking lower n lower incentives ...
    As .. No doubt are others .. Come 3 days out .. People will be taking on .... Anything ...
  • Kingalfred
    Yes ... Distribution is unfair .. It has always been that way ...
    The site is running better glitch wise ..
    No looping .. Less blanks/duds ...
    Been getting really low invites peanuts labs/census/tickbox .... Insulting
    Got a 16 loi 15 point invite ...
    Come the 29th ..... I'll be debating taking them if I'm still on the list...
  • Girish
    Really appreciate you for supporting me but we need to get back the old Univox and stop the technical issues and the admin kindly please change him even the site gets me removed i am not getting surveys only because i will post another thing watch that then you will understand whats happening in univox
  • Scousegirl
    I empathize as I'm in the same boat. I'm also a premium member and have had no more than 4 surveys per day since this whole Christmas contest farce began. Same deal as others - constant looping so I never get back to the site for DQ points and low value surveys only. I think it's amusing that survey sites (not just this one) act as though the onus is on YOU, the member, to just complete more surveys, for heaven's sake! As if we're just being lazy about the whole thing. I would LOVE to finish more surveys, but you can't complete what not even offered.
  • Kingalfred
    Indeed ... I knew from the off id be hard pressed to be a contender due to previous WOF experience... Along with 75% of others ...just look at the comp list to see major drop offs..
    Fair enough they brought out the contest .... But a month down the line if November doesn't change to a new comp ... It means univox got what they wanted and don't really listen to the lower paid end of the community ... So long as surveys are completed they don't care which member does the clicking
  • Girish
    Lppk still admin not answering better we remove
  • PatriciaA
    What is up with no surveys until 8pm and they are only until 9 or 9:30 pm and then poof they are gone even if you are in the middle of a survey?? Why are we being rationed surveys?
  • Vanditha
    and she is none other than Swapna!! How come???
  • Nat M

    I saw.........how can one person passed few days be getting so many.

    There was an error with points on the ES this morning.
    After reset. I was already on 40 points and did not click on anything. Swapna was 80 i think. Redemptions and we all got 20 points each per redemption.

    So i had 2 redemptions but they missed one to mark as paid. Then later on in the day i got an email for the third one and then my redemption total on ES went to 30 points.
  • Swapna S

    For your reference cefah9mrzs3681cz.jpg

    I Hope this might cleared your doubts.
  • UCLA
    i want the survey attempts that the known cheater or a nicer way of saying it (person who abused a loophole) is getting.
  • Kingalfred
    Welcome to the Christmas con test
    Good will to all men
    Please take our insulting surveys

    My invites
    20 loi 22 points
    10 loi 18 points
    22 loi 30 points
    22 loi 50 points
    7 loi 19 points
    10 loi 19 points

    Exploitation at its finest .....

    Marketing ploy .... Just add the word Christmas ............
  • Ananya Advitiya
    Lucky you! I get is all constant looping and the text of you have already participated in this survey
  • Kingalfred
    Yeah ... Lucky me over 2 hours on here to earn less than a dollar ......
    When I can earn $1.60 for a 5 minute survey ...elsewhere

    I did just complete a 105 pt with the possibility of an hour invite to a £30 amazon voucher ...should I be selected would turn the tables
  • Nat M

    I also want the surveys attempts that is getting.
    I click and click with only getting about 25 % of DQ points.
    Not get points for every survey attempt and get completes one after another as in Swapna history
  • Ananya Advitiya
    Well that would be the perfect end to october!!
  • Swapna S
    What do you mean by survey attempts? Yesterday I got around 20 surveys 11 surveys completed, 9 surveys disqualified and in that only 4 survey gave dq points.
  • Nat M

    That is 75% of surveys that you got some sort of points for compared to me where i get if 25% of points.
    I would rather have 75% success rate then 25%. All that goes up is my ES score
  • Ananya Advitiya
    Wow!! Is there no looping of surveys when you attempt one?
  • Melissa Y
    I've only had 2 surveys all weekend. And of course I did not qualify for either. I logged in today and my dashboard is still empty. Since this contest has started, I have had less surveys on my dashboard. This is not a fair contest.
  • Donna
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