• cjsenour
    I have tried surveys on three different sites. On two - not UNIVOX - I completed a survey but only got DQ points. I switched to UNIVOX and, on the first survey I tried, I was routed to 3-4 before I was allowed to take a Qualtrics on condiments. Very long, but i finished. However, it didn't redirect. I tried the back button with both left and right click, but didn't help. Guess I'm done with surveys for the day. Sent e-mail to support with the Survey number, but don't know know they can find it since it went to several surveys before it got there.
  • Kingalfred
    Whole bunch've bad luck ... I see 10/35's ..full page.. I then know the drill..move on,.,. Waste of time ... Down hill in a handbasket .......
  • KellyD
    I just completed, finally, a survey for 35 points. At first, it looped and looped, through many questions, trying to find me a survey I guess. Finally got it and it was so very long and repetitive, I really thought something would go wrong after 20 minutes. Nothing went wrong, I completed it but it was worth way more than the 35 points for all the time I put in. I am thankful, though, that I passed it.
  • Kingalfred
    10/35's are weird ..... Anything from 5 - 25 minutes
    I take the 5 min ones.,. Rest can whistle ...
  • KellyD
    Yes. I agree with you. Very weird they are. You just never know how long they really are going to be. That was the first survey I had passed in a very long time. I have been doing better on 2 of my other sites, so have not been on here that much.
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