• Girish
    Please clarify my concerns on the above matter.Everyone knows i mean agrees there is something wrong in univox dq points went down from 4 to 3 and looping surveys ending nowhere thursday contest vanished in thin air and admin not adressing questions is the tenure of admin getting over. I am wondering about Christmas contest 100 top panelists will get 30$ ok if there are assume 30 people are on rank 77 and 20 people on rank 58 and so on will univox pay all of them i really wonder that means lot of prize money is on stake great biut of no use to me personally since univox has stopped sending me surveys what should i do i do wonder whats happening anyone apart from admin can also throw some light on this.... are welcome
  • Nat M

    Top 100 panelists. Now there are 100 members within Rank 87
  • Siegfried
    By the end of the month the cumulative ES points should be a large enough number for there to be very few tied scores, so picking the 100 top scores should be easy.

    Looking at the current monthly rankings I can only see 3 duplicated scores in the top 80 rankings, by the end of the month I would expect no duplicates, or certainly no more duplicates than after only 6 days..
  • Nat M
    From Rank 87 to Rank 10 the numbers are pretty close to each other, not big gaps. Then you can not see Rank 88 onwards to see how far back they are or if there are big gaps.
    All you need is a few complete surveys.
  • Siegfried
    Sunday is always a slow day for new surveys. All I am seeing is 5 dud, blank page surveys and a few 35/10s that are mostly DQ, no points. I have racked up about 10 points and 2 ES, today so far.
    I expect the rest of the day to be much the same here and everywhere.
  • Kingalfred
    Got in the 60's ..... Levelled in the 70's ...... Cruddy looping no DQ ... Constant 10/35's Now 98
    Hah Bum Hug!

    Reached cash out ...
    If Monday shows no improvement.... Pointless chasing a con test on the uphill Wall Of America ..
    Biased , shackled from the off ... When you're not even in the running of a level playing field ....
    Who ever decided this con test format..... For...every...one...... You suck!
  • cjsenour
    Why don't you tell us how you REALLY feel?
  • Kingalfred
    This is only the tepid version....
  • sharonh
    6th day of the month....I am at 200 something.....I won't be in the top 100...unless I spent hours, trying 35 /10 suveys....I want to spend that much time chasing a few cents
  • J Zerbs
    Finally someone else who seems to understand by the end of the month there will be only a few ties if that even in the rankings. Others are acting like there are going to be 100's of ties
  • Nat M
    Some background information.

    Make sure you are taking screenshots of what rank you are especially on the last day. If there are any doubling up of ranks the system may not recognise it.

    I was provided with a fake Excel file from Univox in regards to my ticket 50400 trying to tell me that was my ES score.
    Now i hear from another member, reply which they got

    "Dear Member,

    Thanks for reaching out to us!

    We are very sorry but we can not see the past date engagement score on our end because the data is achieved on the same day.

    Always looking to serve you better.

    Team Univox"

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  • Sacha
    That was my email.
    As I asked for my total ES as I was in the Top 20 last month & they are just going by that incorrect list that was emailed

    Who saw my name.????
  • Donna
    That list is crazy! ALL of the lists that they have been sending out are wrong. I am in those lists and have not been getting the points and haven't tried to get the points because all of the points and my placement in the lists coincide with points I won in 2018. There are also names listed twice in those emailed lists.
  • The AH Basic Company
    nobody see your nameand facephoto, its only email and your memebership id first is to crossverify and then see your social media presence in which our facephoto is visible and communication with the world is visible to clarify that we are genuine persons and organization which is unique no one can duplicate .ok sacha now you got it.They came to know about us on these social media presence such as you tube,facebook via internet on their mobile or laptop as internet itself means world wide web which means a person who has virtual presence on internet can be seen on other part of world and such virtual presence is counted as physical presence of its genuinity which illiterate person donot know but in business world everone knows that thats why the dont give surprise reaction or suspicious reaction like as illiterate person such as uhh facebook uhh youtube its all bad things where porn and naked things are seen and others and by seeing that they neednot require to see physically us as they become more confident the genuine person is there on account so no need to worry about .
  • Nat M

    I have already said that Sacha was in the Top 20 as she was tie with me.
    Now since that list is mixed up with 2018 , 2019 and as you can see there are 2 @ No 1, 2 @ No 2 and so forth. Well what i think has happened that list could not fit another member at equal place @ No. 9. Only can recognise 2 names , an incorrect one from 2018 and myself.

    And what i can not understand is how come they have not got records of what everyones ES is ( at least the monthly total) - meanwhile provided me with a fake Excel file of some ES

    And there has never been a tie place before??
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