• Donna
    There are so many issues going on with the site. Please at least just let us know if you are aware of the issues and are working on them! A little communication goes a long way! I'm reading from a few peolple that they are not taking any more surveys here until the issues are fixed.
    1. DQs points are not being received. Again. Surveys are linking one after the other.
    2. On a lot of my 5 minute/80 point surveys, I end up on an Ipsos page that says "Ready to Give Your Opinion?" I hit the button for the next page and get "Thanks for your interest, but this survey has reached it's quota" with a finish button. Hit the finish button and it takes you back to the "Ready to give your opinion page". Just a neverending loop between those two pages.
    3. A lot of my surveys are gong to an Ipsos page with an unresponsive "Next" page button. Page is unresponsive. Does nothing. Dead.
    4. Hot Surveys page sometimes has surveys that you click on and you get just a blank available surveys page. At times there are several of those on the Hot Surveys page.
    5. I think there are a number of people still waiting on redemption information. I have no idea whether all of those people's accounts are in good standing, or not, but they should get a response from you as to whether they are getting paid or not, and if not, the reason why.
    PLEASE fix all these issues. When the site is working properly. it is a great site - one of my favorites! Univox has the potential to be one of the BEST sites around, but sadly, there are so many ups and downs here...
  • cjsenour
    I'm one of those people who are not taking surveys here until problems are fixed. I can spend literary hours taking one survey after another (40 never goes down) and getting no points, .I have better things to do with my time. One bright spot, I redeemed yesterday and got paid almost immediately. (Most of the points were made before all the problems started.) At least that is working right for me. Now if I could only get enough points to redeem again in the foreseeable future.
  • Nat M

    Ignoring all these posts is not doing any good for Univox. Members new and old are going to pop into the Forum and read all of this. It will not give Univox a good name at all.

    You can keep ignoring all of this and hope it goes away but it is not. There will be posts everyday of members not getting redemptions , surveys not working and members getting annoyed as no one is helping.
    Support do not answer tickets and when they do it is just copy and paste emails.

    I get told by you to put in tickets for problems and then get told by Support not to put in multiple tickets. Which is it?
    I get told by you not to butt into other members issues but you are not helping them, support is not helping them. What are they meant to do. Count their loses??
  • Mele McCabe
    Admin? @Admin
  • Charlene Bovert
    - Seems like the admin has been posting their daily quote then they leave for the rest of the day.
    Wow!!! Today I earned $.44-almost the price of a first class postage stamp (U.S.). Anyone want to take a bet that the "Forum" will disappear soon--just like "Shout Box" and "Rumble Talk"??? I'm another member not taking any surveys until I "test the waters" to ascertain if the issues have been addressed/corrected. I noticed admin was online on the Forum several times today and have not responded with any answers. Univox admin, support, technical teams are NO longer earning their paychecks.
  • Kingalfred
    Admin only know what they're told.... Blameless really
    Though, could chip in with comments of "when we know, you'll know"
    Now... The support team .... Them suck...ignorant disrespectful amateurs
    Place has never run 100% , always spanners n gremlins....

    If anything is going to disappear it'll be the whole Kit and kaboodle .....
    Probably an ignored tax bill....
    As we earned them enough over the years what with their +50/80% stake On our dolla
  • Nat M
    Admin has been online.........just to put up those daily banners. Then just stays online for awhile then goes off then comes back.
    Ignoring everything........like support are not responding........my account is not updating ........have got 3 redemptions that still say processing but have been paid. Got one redemption that still needs to be paid probably Monday as it's only 2 days old.

    Probably gone on strike
  • Nat M
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