• mikeee
    I am not a linguist.
    Plaudits to everyone...share the good vibes!
  • Siegfried
    Some improvements this morning.

    I was faced with 40+ surveys on my dashboard. I found that the 35/10s, the vast majority were not asking any questions before going to 'DQ, no points' so I was clearing the decks of these at 15 seconds per survey. In the process I came across what I am calling normal surveys, and picked up 30 DQ points, with no 'run-on' surveys, the 'Find More surveys No Thanks' buttons were working as they should.

    There are still 2 dud surveys on the dashboadrd, the ones that just go to a blank page headed 'Surveys'
    and a couple of mobile only examples.

    It would be nice if the plague of the 35/10s burned itself out, and there were a few surveys I could actually qualify for, but you can't have everything.
  • Kingalfred
    That's why we need a delete button, get rid of a page full of 10/30's in seconds
    I keep plugging at the 10/30's in hope that the newer added surveys will be "normal" but no
    The higher points are going straight to dud, the 35's are 0
    The other amounts give 1, 3, 4
    Dissapointing for 5 6 7 days...
    Completed 6, got paid for 2, trying to claw up to 1000 pts
    Then take a back seat until fixed
    If this continues all next week, that's a very poor showing... Amateurish
  • Carol hughes

    The ones I am have the most problems with are the Ispos ones no dq points I refuse to do them now I will just hit the back button sometimes I will get the Oops when doing that but 90% of the time it just goes back to the dashboard.
    I haven't had the problem of a completion and not getting the points at least not yet but now that I said that it will probably happen.
    Yesterday afternoon all my surveys disappeared and none appeared until after reset
    I hope you have better luck today.
  • Siegfried
    Further update on the 35/10 surveys.

    I have just clicked through to 8 of them, one led to completing a survey, all the others gave appropriate DQ points.

    It remains the case that the message is invariably, 'You do not qualify, no points' but this was invariably wrong, correct points were awarded.

    All they need to do now is to attach the correct end message to the links, but at least the actual points were working.

    To me, this is a great leap forward, making the site actually usable .
  • godseeconomy
    I would agree. Posting messages don't get you points. It can be time consuming. Better use of your time doing surveys even when dq.
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