• selva
    i have completed many YOUR SURVEYS.But they fail to pay on time and also mostly dont pay for many surveys.
  • godseeconomy
    Univox is NOT the only site that does that. Some companies take 8 weeks!!!
  • selva
    yea, issue is that they take even 8 months to pay or dont pay at all. problem with univox is they dont pay us for the surveys that missed the payout instantly but after few weeks or months.

    this feature is available in atleast 2 top survey sites i follow.

    But YOUR SURVEY is the worst site as far i know . out of 20 completed surveys they hardly pacy back 2 or 3
  • Kingalfred
    I'm a member of you.gov you need to accumulate £50 to cash out, took me over 8 months..
    What a pain ... You dont know how long until you start
    "Your say pays" think i ditched them ... 12 14 15 pence surveys, £20 cash out another one that took an age to cashout....
    Then there's mobrog cash out at £4 can take days or weeks also ...roundabouts n swings
    Once cashed out here 2645 ...vanished.... Like the blue square on the survey page, never to be seen again.... Paid...said admin.... No said i.... Ignored....ignored.......I.G.N.O.R.E.D.......
    Nothing more frustrating than being ignored by words on a screen..that never appear...and claimed
    you're wrong, when you know damn right.......you're right........
    Must be millions stolen from survey takers every month...S.T.O.L.E.N.....
  • cjsenour
    Every survey site is different. Valued Opinions takes about 30 seconds to pay out but takes forever to accumulate enough points. Branded - formerly Mintvine - just changed their payout so it is about 4 days. You Gov pays through snail mail think. They don't end me too many surveys, so I don't cash out often. Opinion Outpost used to pay right away, but now it is a week. Univox seems to be all over the place depending on who you are and when you redeem. I have been fortunate this month as I was paid quickly. Most sites will tell you how long it will take when you redeem.
  • Linnea
    Branded pays out within two days unless you cash out on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Their length of time for payout is two business days.
  • cjsenour
    I've only redeemed on Branded once since the change. Thought it was longer. Can't really remember. I just know they finally quit verifying before adding the points and then verifying again before paying. Sometimes it took almost 2 weeks. My point being in my previous post, each site is different. Just go with the flow unless it is an unreasonably long time.
  • Linnea
    They now credit your survey points immediately and they pay out after 1,000 points within two business days. They have a really great system for reporting problems with surveys as well. They even catch missing points and credit your account. On average I can complete between 5 and 12 surveys a day there as opposed to maybe 3 (if I'm lucky) a day here.
  • Siegfried
    Onepoll may be the king of the slow payers, they do say up to 28 days and really mean it, it usually does take a month. Also they seem to have dropped PayPal as a payment method, only choice yesterday was BACS (direct bank deposit) so I was mildly miffed as I keep all my survey earnings in a Paypal account, for simplicity. ( I still have every Univox buck I have ever earned as the pound is declining in value against the dollar so the longer I refrain from exchanging them, the more pounds I will get for my dollars.)

    Ho Hum, I thought, let's go with BACS. Their incompetent validation process decided my sort code was invalid, adding a bit of extra time for them to hold my £25.
    Swagbucks seems the most consistent at about 3 days and only a fiver a time.
    YouGov takes about a year to add up to £50, then they bank transfer it.
    As noted, others vary widely. Inbox pounds (Inbox dollars in US) send a cheque (check) in the post which seems oddly archaic nowadays.
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