• Siegfried
    Possibly as a response to many questions here, the WoF appears to be far more reasonable now.

    It is still dominated by 100 points scores, presumably from downloading the app, but the mega scores have vanished and those left seem far more in line with realistic results.

    It is however still entirely dominated by those 100 point scores that in no way way reflect actual engagement with the site as far as surveys completed and attempted go.

    The download the app score needs to be drastically cut, if they want to know how many people are doing that, fine, use some other metric that does not render all other engagement insignificant.
  • Nat M

    Agree that 100 points should be eliminated. Not allow it to register daily every time you log into the app.
    By rights the person in 14th place Alexandra F , if you are looking at the Ambassador Wall should be in first place according to actual engagement score.

    But what i think is happening now is that you do not have to log in daily into the app, to get that 100 straight up. Think what it is doing now after each reset it is automatically giving you the 100 points but this 100 does not go on the monthly total.

    It happened to me the other day. Was already logged in after reset and still got the 100.
  • Siegfried
    I agree that the 45 represents the real top score. I was under the impresssion that you had to download the app to get the 100 points, not just login to a pre-existing download, that seems a bit mad in the advantage it gives to users of the phone app. I do not know if different levels have a different WoF, I am looking at ambassador level if that is so.
  • cjsenour
    It discriminates against those - like me - who do not have the equipment to download an app. All I have is a desktop and laptop. No smartphone or tablet. I can never get those 100 points,.
  • Parm Sidhu
    How do you call someone?
  • cjsenour
    I have a land line and a flip phone. Neither is connected to the internet.
  • Siegfried
    I do not use a smartphone either, just a basic mobile. I may try to find a sim card for my partner's disused mobile just to experiment with this feature of the WoF.
    I do not care about points, but my scientific curiosity has been aroused.
  • Nat M

    Yes the 100 just appears daily after reset on the app. I just tried again was already logged in, attempted one survey that did not work and have got 100.5 points
  • Kingalfred
    Not just the 100 points, it's the 0.5 points per attempt....Seems app users are more "important"
    There should be an app wall winner and a none app wall winner ....
    If indeed a wall at all .,.,. Walls not there for our benefit, an encouragement to get into your phone activity...i'm sick of logging in face book which isn't even attatched to uni, then my wall is full of ads' related to taken surveys....along with my email inbox...
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