• Donna Walker
    Hello, its ME :grin: wanting to know since our last short conversation, involving your confirmation of sending me a e-mail to let me know you sent me the e-mail I have not been back on "forum" an of course there has been not 1 reply to my e-mails,
    How can I get this websites attention as a Univox minimal supervison 's Employee, to connect? when I go to cashout to ensure I can get what I submitt, and that the Univox website will Not, this time decrease my amount on me? How can I do this? The last 2 times I went to receive my pay, right when I submitted my amount, I was on the phone 2 times with the fella who usually answers, and both times Univox changed my submission to a lower one, and again in fact will not give me what I work for. I am going to soon be submitting my pay. How can I really this time, get what I worked for. Those 2 times, I was told the tean was going to repair the issue, Again, I have not heard a word, and no replies to my e-mails. I like the people here, is why I am still here. I just really like everyone, even when ya's brush me off.. Can we please finally get this issue "nipped in the bud" this time. I'll pop on today sometime to view a reply (fingers crossed)
    Donna, DeeDee Walker
  • Admin
    We can understand your concern. Would request you to please share your contact number so that our team will reach out to you. Thanks
  • Carol hughes

    As it is I am not getting many surveys and almost everyone I had this morning is either just spinning
    or it says thank you you don't qualify and it doesn't go back to Univox so I am getting no points
    Very Disappointing
  • Admin
    We apologize for the inconvenience caused to you. Kindly send us the screenshot along with the survey number so that we can check and resolve the issue.
  • Carol hughes
    I use a Tablet I don't do screenshots or even know if I can
    I just hope things get better because I am very discouraged right now
    This has always been my favorite site
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