• Linnea
    Today Univox is a hot mess. Surveys go to error pages, do not redirect or page says "This survey is not ready yet". I know the answer will be to contact @support but they just send an email saying they will be in touch in 24 or 48 hours. They never do.
  • Linnea
    I'm still waiting for responses to missing points for four successfully completed surveys, email from @support on the 15th of April saying they would respond within 48 hours. I don't really care so much about the DQ points but missing points from completed surveys is really very frustrating due to the time invested.
  • godseeconomy
    It is annoying to receive 'Survey is not ready yet' Why send it in the first place?
  • Linnea
    Exactly but the missing points for successfully completed surveys and the repeated ignoring of emails concerning those is what is ticking me off the most.
  • Carol hughes

    I had a few this week that I completed but said I didn't qualify I didn't even get dq points so I didn't even have a survey number to email Univox like you said very frustrating
  • Linnea
    I copy and paste every survey number/points onto a notepad so I have a record when they don't award the points. You should do that or write them down on a note pad. I don't really care about the DQ points, although they're a nice bonus. I care about the successfully completed surveys because of the time invested in completing them, otherwise it's like working for free.

    On the plus side I requested a redemption on Sunday and on Monday I got my Amazon gift card.
  • Nat M

    Same here but it only happens on the Univox site. All my other sites i have got no problems in receiving responses.. Then not to receive responses from Support at all apart from that 24 hour automated email is the annoying bit.
    Univox should look how other sites deal with members problems and follow.

    Last week i somehow locked myself out of a site. I went to redeem and this long, very long page of terms and conditions popped up. Never happened before, thought i clicked on something accidentally.so i got out of the page and tried to log back in to redeem. Was locked out and then thought maybe it was a new security thing that i was meant to accept for redemption.
    Sent a ticket in , got a reply yesterday and was told 2-3 days it should be reactivated

    Where as Univox i am still waiting for a reply from 3 weeks ago and my contest points i will see if i get a reply after 5 days.
  • Linnea
    I use one other survey site, this morning I had two successful surveys that did not the credit points. This other site has a page of your surveys that shows them all - successful, NQ, DQ, etc. Each survey has a link that you can note your concerns which is what I did this am, within minutes the points were credited.

    I like Univox and I really appreciate the quick redemptions but they do need to fix some things, hopefully sooner than later.
  • Nat M

    Yes sometimes the redemptions are quick but not as quick as these other 2 sites i am on.
    Redeem walk away for less then 2 minutes and the gift cards are in my emails. One of the sites is the one i locked myself out of last week.
    But got an update this morning reactivated just wait 24 hours before i use.
  • Linnea
    I am now missing points for SIX successfully completed surveys. These are not surveys that DQ after completion. These are surveys that were successfully completed but redirected to an error page after completion. I have contacted @support for each one with the survey number/points. Today I sent another message with all SIX survey numbers and the details of what happened.
  • Kevin H
    I belong to a number of sites and none have the frequency of issues that Univox does, not an excuse as it the site should be seamless, but none have the volume of surveys either.

    They should focus on quality first, getting everything right, then ramping up.
  • Linnea
    WOO HOO! An IPSOS survey that redirected correctly and awarded the 80 points!
  • Bryan Unwin
    Hooray also! I finally got to the redemption level on a CINT platform. Only took two years.
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