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  • Kingalfred
    there is a post up now asking yous...Admin.... to remove dead Admin posts from 2 years ago so people dont drag them back up and make people re read them... but... still this happens... now we know you have the option to remove your dead posts
    i guess you just do'nt want too ... even though an abundance of users fed up with this procedure are screaming out for you to do so ...... ???
  • Admin
    We are adding new features soon. Thanks
  • Carol hughes

    I also would like to see the old posts gone
  • godseeconomy
    Me too! Fed up with old posts occupying so much space here and the amount of scrolling need to get to uptodate posts! Give us a break!
  • Michele
    add new features but delete all old post on the forum please! It’s a mess!
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