• NatalieM
    New Feature but can not fix all the problems that everyone has got .

  • Kevin H

    I agree, wouldn't you get what you have got working correctly first
  • selva
    wow great ....but the irony is for a long time there are no surveys to use this feature
    Makes no difference in my survey-taking.....I attempt every avaiable survey, every day.
  • Carol hughes
    I also try for all of the surveys
    I've thought of this often...You know what Univox needs to fix??? How about something as simple as the "Live Surveys" button showing the ACTUAL number of "Live Surveys" instead of NEVER going over "40". I think this would be a better feature than "relevance"....just my opinion.
  • nupur
    from past 15 days they r not sending surveys as they use to earlier . I use to love this site but now not receiving even single survey sometime.
  • Admin
    Your survey details.

    Survey 1 2/18/2019
    SC995476 Survey 3 2/18/2019
    SC995467 Survey 3 2/18/2019
    SC995353 Survey 4 2/18/2019
    SC994678 Survey 4 2/18/2019
  • Vanditha
    and same here daily getting 1 or 2 surveys why
  • NatalieM

    I agree with you the relevance feature is a bit pointless. I also do all the surveys available. Not as though there are hundreds in my dashboard.
    They have dropped back down since last week again
  • NatalieM

    That is what i thought when i saw it. Only had 1 survey on dashboard and thought what am i going to SORT
  • selva
    if you assume US stands for United states , im sorry i cannot be held responsible for your assumption :)
  • selva
    US gus needs SORT feature coz they get lotz of adz and they need to be chossy which onez to be picked first.

    but for us most of the times there are no surveys and need to attempt anything and everything that shows up there. last few days many surveys whatever surveys were there in Univop App have behaved erroneously and BTW not even got the DQ points.

    Admin kindly fix that APP issues too that almost all of us (not US ) facing.
  • NatalieM

    Passed few days I have done surveys - completed them. Got to the end and says I was disqualified.
    Support response was "your information did not meet the several survey security parameters"

    Replied back to explain what that means

    Survey was neurosight survey and there was no questions to it. Just match these objects for a long time.

    Had done this survey twice before, on the previous 2 days and received points . So do not know why this one time it was different.

    Will never get an answer or the points.
  • guimaraes
    com certeza eu concordo com natalye
  • selva
    Me too had similar problems. yesterday alone 3 surveys were not credited after completing fully. also using app is becoming an issue as the survey gets closed abruptly if internet is not there
  • NatalieM

    The problem is that Support never say that there is an error on their end. Would like to know what the percentage is after someone has raised an issue with Support regarding completion, that points have been credited..................0%
  • selva
    yes, i got the below reply from admin. wondering what to reply ???

    Dear Member,

    Thanks for reaching out to us!

    We apologize for the inconvenience caused to you. As per our findings, your response is rejected by the clients due to the client survey security logic in real time. Unfortunately, we are unable to award full points for this survey.

    Always looking to serve you better.

    Team Univox
  • NatalieM

    No idea.... I get replies like that and then when i reply back asking them to explain, NEVER get a response back.

    They answer the ticket once and do not go back to it to follow up.

    You buy something and there is a fault with it. So you take it back to the shop. It gets replaced.Shop policies are that " customers are always right "

    That is how it should be with these surveys. They are completed and you have proof showing that you completed it. So the points should be awarded. None of this client responses.

    This happens on no other survey sites. Getting disqualified after you spent 20-30 minutes on a survey that is meant to take 15 minutes and at the end get disqualified.
  • Kingalfred

    .... indeed, i got D'Q 23 minutes into an 11 minute survey
    their reason ... "early screen out" hmmmmmm... was i not impressed to thy fullest ...
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