How is it possible that someone already has 200 on the daily wall?
    This is at 4:40am est.
    The person below them has 66.
    Something doesnt smell right with that.
    This person has almost the same amount of points from 7h 40 min than I have in 23 days.
    & Im on here everyday
  • godseeconomy
    I ignore this unfathomable engagement score activity. It makes no sense to me at all. I don't sweat over who gets what or how I am doing re this activity. I too am on this site every day as I am retired and have the spare time! I do enjoy interacting with the regulars here.
    By the way, UCLA, is that referring to university of LA? We have [plenty of friends there. My children visit UCLA yearly.
  • Kingalfred
    100 attempts on a mobile = 70
    10 completes = 50
    2 redeems = 20
    3 refferals = 30
    even that haul won't get you there
    i read a long time ago
    in shoutmix, only 10 survey completions were allowed
    i dont know if this is still the case
    @Admin are you still only allowed 10 completions per day?
  • Kingalfred

    this is my W O F scores today Sunday 12.16 UK
  • Kingalfred

    Monthly top 10 big difference in scores
    some get luckier than others...
  • Carol hughes

    I don't pay to much attention to the wall of fame I will check it to see who's on there I also can not see how there scores can be so high yesterday was a weekend and I never get that many surveys there have been times I haven't even made it on the dashboard I am also on here multiple times a day and I think I am doing okay even though I am rarely on the Wall Of Fame.
  • Kingalfred
    i have a look see, if the points are high it generally means that i will get a fair few invites
    that day, if there low i know it's not just me who's running low on invites
    most i got was close to 40, thats because i downloaded the mobi' app to see if i get more than 1 DQ point per DQ or at least a survey acceptance, this is a windows tablet, my phone Android, same results either way, so i know it's not my problem , it's theres...
  • godseeconomy
    I don't use mobile. Too fiddly for my arthritic fingers!! Never get 10 completes per day. My 4 referrals are dormant, still showing pending. So, in all probability, I'll never attain WOF. So not going to waste time and energy nor stress on that.
  • Kingalfred
    ...... i also took notice of the amount of people who took the weekly polls
    now it hovers around 880 - 940 .,.,. when i first joined 10.000 people were taking the polls
    so the rats certainly abandoned this ship....
  • sharonh
    The poll is not in as noticeable spot any more. I am sure I have missed a few polls.
  • Kingalfred
    Dashboard page ...
    i forget about it but do most..
  • Carol hughes

    I never even think to look there I just try to scroll down every couple days to see if there is a new poll I always seem to forget when there is I think it's Thursday but not really sure.
  • mikeee
    somebody must be really engaged.
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