• Donna
    @Admin and I also wanted to bring this to everyone elses attention who may have this survey in their queue.
    I did survey #SC425107 on girls' clothing (tops, to be specific)/Justice a little bit ago. It was a survey that had the option to give detailed open ended opinions on different styles of girls' tops after giving a general opinion using the multiple choice options in the survey. I took the time to type in very detailed answers on each top/style (except for one because I accidentally moved on to the next question). At the end of the survey, it said "Thank you for your valuable input." The Justice store/brand logo was in there, too.
    When I was rerouted back to Univox, I got the message that I did not meet the criteria for the survey. The survey did ask early, in the beginning, how often I shop/have shopped at Justice, and I truthfully answered that I have only shopped there once or twice. If that is what disqualified me, I should have been disqualified in the beginning after truthfully answering that I've only shopped there once or twice, not at the end after finishing the entire survey, giving very detailed opinions, and being thanked for my valuable input. This was pretty upsetting because the survey was fun, I enjoyed doing it, and it MIGHT have influenced me, after seeing some of their cute girls' tops, to stop in and shop at Justice. (Or not, now). @Admin This is information you should probably pass along to your client because I never realized it before, but it is possible that a negative survey experience with a brand (such as being disqualified at the very end of their survey) can have a negative influence on that brand even if one's opinions of that brand were originally good. It will be hard when I see the Justice store at the mall, and not remember my bad survey experience with their brand. Just being honest here.
    @Admin Can you please check with the client on the status of this survey, #SC425107 for me? And can you please make sure that this isn't happening to everyone who takes this survey?
    The above was originally a support query, but it wouldn't go through for me. I tried sending a "Just Testing" short query and that went through fine, but the actual long complaint above would not go through.
    Thanks to anyone who took the time to read this! I know it's a book! Would be curioius to know if any one who did this survey got paid for it!
    @Admin I might try giving Univox a call tomorrow. I don't have time right now. Not sure if you will take care of the request for me since I wrote it in the Forum. As I said earlier. I did try doing a Support Query on the Contact Us page, but it would not go through.
  • godseeconomy
    HOW disappointing and frustrating. I feel for you. It is so unethical. I had experienced a few such surveys but who to complain to, when they are usually re-routed surveys.
  • guimaraes
    eu nao recebi esta pesquisa e nenhuma pe├žo ajuda
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