• mmocs
    Cheap Feronis Gold We spent over 40 hours learning how to kill the Twin Emperors. There were so many nuances involved with threat swapping when the bosses teleport. I can still remember the entire battle from beginning to end... 12 years later. You could say it scarred me.This eyeball a.k.a. C'thun really doesn't like people stabbing it as we would learn in the coming month through hundreds of wipes.

    SunWell Gold For Sale I can't quite explain just how difficult C'Thun was at the time he was released on the official servers. Let's put it this way: I was in the top guild of my server (Iniquity of Kalecgos) and this single fight actually killed the guild. We would split after four weeks of strenuous attempts. Following collapse myself and a few members of the guild would find their way into another Horde guild called Meet in Kargath. About two weeks later we would down C'Thun. The rush of excitement as he fell with only a few of us still alive has remained unmatched to this day. Looting the corpse to find several god-tier items was extraordinary.

    I farmed so many tubers so that I could heal myself throughout the fight (they were health potions with separate cooldown timers from regular potions). This coupled with a high level of investment to understand all the intricacies of the fight made it the costliest battle I've ever waged. Despite being a Destruction Warlock which was a no-no at the time since Afflication had better throughput I managed to get third in terms of overall damage by being extremely aware during the remainder of the 15 minute fight. I felt like I was on-point and it paid off.
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    Flogged would be a better action to take. I second the motion!
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    spammers suck and are stupid
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    This user has been banned from the community due to spam acts.
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