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    Hear is a Cool Contest to celebrate Mother's Day, Let us know your cool mom hacks & one lucky winner will stand a chance to win 1000 points.
  • Syvynn
    Since there is no literal definition for mom-hack, I am going to base this just on "something I can do as a mom that makes mothering easier".

    Several years ago I created a private blog with accounts for me and my daughter. We both have authoring privileges. We use this blog to leave notes to each other, holiday and birthday greetings (for posterity), and to do those silly (sometimes fun - sometimes really truthful) personality quizzes. It's a way of making communicating with my daughter (whether it's serious or fun) light-hearted and easier to do since we are both more introverted people that would rather express ourselves with written words as opposed to orally. But, the real significant draw to this hack is that we have all this "memory talking" preserved (I do a backup every few months so we have copies offline should anything happen to the blogging site) so in the future when I'm gone, she has memories of me that I created myself that she can read/reread when needed or wanted.

    So yeah, there is my mom hack for making communication with my introverted daughter easier for the both of us. I'd like to add that she's in college now (just graduated with her AA last week with High Distinction for her 3.88 GPA), about to start on her Bachelor's degree in a few months, and she still makes daily posts back and forth to me. So I think it's something that we will continue on for as long as life permits. :)
  • Sonu Agal
    I am a mother of very naughty cuteeee son “Aarav”

    It’s not easy to care of him when my husband will go to office however I tackle him from my tricks.

    I remember many tricks which I use to tackle my son from whom some of funny incidents are as below: -

    When he was 4-6 months older, he awake in night & move on bed and sometimes he fell down from bed. Later I went market & bought Folding Mosquito Net. After using Mosquito Net, he tried many times to go out from itself but he was unsuccessful in the same.

    When he has fever or any illness, I & my husband trying to give him prescribed Oral Medicine for cure. When he understands tests of medicine, he doesn’t take medicine easily and many times he successfully thrown the medicine on floor. After this I used trick – To show him his favorite fruit – Pomegranate and once he open his mouth, I quickly give him medicine.

    He is too choosy in vegetables & takes too much time to eat food. He likes only two vegetables (Potato & Ladyfinger). To overcome of this matter; I started to make mix veg. dish & later make Roll of “Chapati” which works unexpected (He quickly finish Chapati & understand tastes of other vegetables).

    Right now he is addicted of watching TV especially Cartoon Channel and very lazy to finish his home work. To overcome with this situation, I quietly switch off Light from Main Board. After this I say to him that God switched off light since you didn’t finished your home work. He were little angry but he starts completing his home work and in the meantime I again quietly switch on Light from Main Board. Once light comes, he becomes full of Joy & thanked to God. Now he owns complete his home works during watching TV.

    There are so many tricks I used but it's not easy to mention here as reader will feel boredom. :smile:

    He is now 5 Years old but he is still very elfish even then I am very proud on him.

  • godseeconomy
    My 2 year old grandson gets very upset when his mother leaves him to my care whenever she has to go out for meetings, etc. I have discovered he loves watching 'Peppa Pig'. When I put that on, he literally stops crying and very soon gets engrossed in watching the video. I allow the maximum 1/2 hour on the program and then gets him off to bed, bath time or whatever next needs to be achieved with him. I also found this is the way to get him to finish his meals. It is not really a suitable time to allow him to watch any video at meal times but if I am desperate for him to eat his meal, I have to resort to this inducement. It is tiring being a grandmother. It was easier being a mother.....
  • Kingalfred
    1000 points , come on Mommas i think this is still open as no post confirming otherwise .,.,.
    i am Not a Mother but i think i had something to do with my X wife becoming one four times ...
  • sharonh
    As a homeschooling mother of 4 (for thee years I schooled all four, now I have only at home who will be a high school senior in fall), it helped me immensely when dear hubby, took over most dishwashing and clothes folding and also bathroom cleaning when I was the busiest with schooling and grading.

    As kiddos became older, they took on more chores which lightened my load also. Now that two have completely flown, one in college (living at home) and one still homeschooled, I am slowly taking back tasks that had been farmed out to other family members.

    So not really a "hack", but definitely get the whole household involved with daily chores as soon as possible.
  • Cheryl Taylor
    I am the mother of three sons they are all grown, but, I am raising my 13 yr. old granddaughter who is boy crazy. Just when I thought my work was done!! Don't get me wrong I love her very much and wouldn't have it any other way. Then there's my grandson who wants to stay with me almost as much, he always wants to spend the night with " Granny" and if i say I'm too tired tonight he ays he's going to commit "sewercide" so of course we can't have him doing that so I give in to the little six yr. old and that is my Mother's Day story.
  • ravi
    son best friend
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