• frankie
    Univox refused to give me my points because the customer said I did not quailfy even though i had completed the whole survey.
    How many times has this happened and i have not noticed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1(N)
  • mikeee
    It happens regularly.
    Security terminate.
  • Bob Dack

    Yeah,between that and generally not getting in at all
    I might have given up here awhile ago because I came
    here you used to get 5points just for clicking into try a survey
    But that has all changed awhile ago,
    I'd stick to the other sites that are actually paying me
    If it wasn't for the social Community forum?
  • Mitzi drye
    all the blasted time! its a regular thing with univox!
  • Mitzi drye
    they have just now gotten around to replying to me on 8 surveys this evening that i i had emailed about dq pts and others i completed and didnt get credit. some of these were a couple weeks back! out of those 8 i got help with my pts.were only 2. its a shame that their customer service is the worst. i would have a good guess as to how many pts ive been robbed of over the years ive been with this panel. probably several 1,000 pts. just a crying shame.
  • Kingalfred
    yes Bob Dack
    i think us "stubborn" ones are only here because of forum
    i pop in on down time .,. have a see whats happening...
    haven't seen Krystyna for a while .,. not even in shout mix .,.
    we are fewer and fewer..
  • mikeee
    I think I saw Krystyna this morning in the chat room. fyi...
  • Carol hughes
    How do you make contact finished Pepsi survey didn't get the points contact page doesn't seem to work
  • charsocal
    - I finally talked to Krystyna yesterday after having to go through some red tape to contact her as I was getting very worried about her. She is doing ok just taking sometime off but told me she would be back soon.
  • charsocal
    - Have you tried clicking the Admin on that chat where it shows who is logged in to chat? You can send a message that way as well, I think.....
    Never mind I'm logged in with just my initials and can't log out. Looks like it's locked up.
  • Carol hughes

    They did ask me on chat what my username is I'm not really comfortable doing it but I did the last time I used the private chat I never got a response.I doubt I will get anywhere but will see it doesn't happen to often thank goodness although lat night I was doing a survey which I qualified for and just completed when my power went off for a second and that screwed up my tablet and didn't get the thank you when it went back on so I got screwed with those points although that wasn't there fault so I couldn't complain.
  • jacey
    spent 25 minutes doing survey, clicked on submit results and was told I did not qualify
  • Carol hughes
    Two surveys today completed and did not go back to Univox so did not get the points a little frustrated the first one I just let it go but when it happened again I went on chat but not very hopeful but will see
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