• Mitzi drye
    i dont know about the rest of you, but this was a pretty much a wasted day doing the surveys on here. i attempted 110 surveys! you heard right. 110! made $2.45 in an 1 1/2 hours work. i feel like going on a shopping spree now!! lol!!!X-) :-}
  • mikeee
    I had 129 and completed one.. I think some went away before I attempted them tho. Seems like I made $4
  • Kingalfred
    going through that many to complete one , that would do me in .,. i got maybe a dozen completed one.,. not even all at the same time .,. i can cope with that.,. but if i went through over a 100 .,. i'd be seriously concidering the "delete my account" button .,. ive never done well here .,.so dont expect anything i can cash out at 1500 .,. that takes me a month or more ...i cash out from where ever is past cash out once a month .,. i'm past caring over the mishaps .,.they've become second nature.,. the one you do finish .,.you hit the survey complete button and are pleasently surprised when you actually get paid .,.,. it must be over $30 they've robbed me of in the past 4 month....since the ....update ..... whatcanyado ... they are a virtual company hidden in the internet .,. no face to face .,. no doors to knock on,,.,they dont answer your mail.,.game over... money lost .,. well , my percentage of the money is lost
  • JMac
    King, you're SO right about that one. I do surveys for a few good companies. And they pay well. I usually DQ on 90% of these things on here. I think most companies are just faceless entities. That's why I had to stop shopping at Amazon. I kept getting missing packages and just all around incompetence. Plus Amazon isn't that great anymore. I usually cash out for the virtual Mastercard. That way I can buy what I want. I've been wasting too much data on this site. I'm going to go in once a day and that's it. If I cash out once a month, oh well.
  • Mitzi drye
    i never even completed one!
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