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    Share your New Year resolution with us.
    The winners will be announced on 2nd January 2018.

    #UnivoxNewYearContest #newyearcontest
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  • Kingalfred
    .,.,.,. Nothing new really.,. eat better.,. smoke less.,.,. be more active.,. be more patient .,. be your best to everyone... count to 10 when life starts hitting the fan .,.
    my last binge of some of the above will begin on the 1st
    though i have already started preperations in cutting down my vices .,. 7 smokes in 4 days.,. only one yesterday.,. "the one before bed" none today .,.
    the one after my morning coffee is the one to beat .,. kick that one .,. i dont smoke all day light .,.
    .,. i can deal with one or 2 a day for now until the nicotine cravings die off .,. easier to stop smoking 2 a day .,. right? Good luck all .,. in your endevours to quit .,.,.,. or start .,. or maintain .,.
  • Carol hughes
    I don't usually make New Years resolutions because I feel bad when I don't follow through
    But here goes I want to try to eat healthier and I want to have more patience whether it's waiting on line at the grocery store or my houseguest are late or my ride is late.I am really going to try.
    Happy New Years Univox
  • Mele McCabe
    My New Years resolution is to be a better listener. I will listen to my children, my students, my family and my friends. Happy New Year!
  • Brianna Chapman
    My resolution is to try and be more patient with others and myself.
  • charsocal
    To stop worrying about the small stuff.
  • Nancy Arora
    My new year resolution is to be serious at least once in a while.

    What that means is to be serious:
    • About my career. I really need to direct it somewhere since the life will only be going down the hill after a few months (turning 30)
    • In talks with friends and make less stupid, lame jokes. It only wastes your and everyone else’ time.
    • About relationships. I want to give the required time to make relationship better with important people around me.
    • About being productive. No false promises to myself. It’s time to act on those plans.

    And To All The Members---> Wish You A Very Happy New Year :)
  • luckyone
    My new years resolution is to save as much money as I can in preparation of replacing my older car to a newer more energy efficient vehicle.
  • Charles
    Get my account reactivated and stop calling from India.
  • markw7168
    My New Years resolution is to eat healthier and execise more.
  • Sonu Agal
    Every Year I have decided to create something new or different and try to do something new. After some period of time, it seems that all the resolutions are break completely and start back like earlier again.

    When I think about resolution of 2018, then I automatically smiling on myself that what I did in past even than I have make my New Year resolution starting from a New Year day.

    Full enjoy to the Life as life will not get back again
    Keep Smiling face at most moment
    Behave Good with others
    Talk with People politely
    Spend more time with Family & Friends
    Start Saving Money
    Get more quality sleep
    Be Active on social activities
    Donate Blood at least one time in a Month

    Wish You A Very Happy New Year :)
  • Darren Mcpherson
    My New Years resolution is to :
    quit smokng
    be better husband
    try to work less so i can spend time with my kids

    Wish you all a Very Happy New Year :)
  • Julia Baker
    Go to church more often. Cut down on the smoking.
    Spend more time with my grandchildren.
  • AJ3411
    Stay healthy and focus on helping people in my community
  • mikeee
    I resolve to take more surveys
  • donna swartout
    To be more open to sharing my belief of My Lord Jesus Christ and the blood he shed on Calvary's cross for all our sins and made a way for each and everyone to except Him as their Lord and Savior.
  • Bob Dack
    Well my New Year resolution is really simple as we tend never to keep most made.
    So Mind is just to wish all good will and a great year.
    To all my UNIVOX Friends and other reading "I wish you well,
    may your year coming be better than the last you had.
    Happy New Year everyone!
  • Joan degert
    My new years resolution will be to eat my five servings of fruits and vegetables a day and drink more water. In other words same as last year! LOL
  • Michele
    Be healthier and not waste too much time doing surveys and looking up Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest!
  • Krystyna
    I never do new year resolutions,it makes no sense to make some and then brake them or don't stick to the ones on the list for the whole year ahead..Instead through the year I resolute and adjust all my behavior depending on the situation.Happy New Year Everyone!.
  • Kingalfred
    raise a glass at these times .,.,. celebrating everyones New Year
    you'll be pretty Merry ... come Midnight ...
  • frances turkel
    "Admin; I wrote to support again and they ask me when is the best time to call me about my account and I told them when was a good time to call me and they never call me
    for the new year I'm praying you and the support will get my account in order so I can do my surveys
    I had 1067 points and they removed those points and my password doesn't work!!!!
  • Syvynn
    #UnivoxNewYearContest #newyearcontest

    I actually have 2 very important New Year's (Wants) Resolutions.

    1.) I want to generally better myself. In all ways possible. Knowledge (started hand quilting and purchased my first sewing machine that I need to learn to use), health (getting healthy and staying that way), money (it's the root of all evil, but yet so necessary, I want for it to never be a problem this year), family (I want for all my family members to have a better life and to count on me if I can help them). Etc.

    2.) My daughter is turning 20 this year and still lives at home (she's ending her 2nd year of college this spring) and still doesn't have the want/confidence in driving on her own yet (so no license). It's my goal this year to get her confidence level up, even if it means she has a license and still wants me to drive her... that's not the point. I want her to succeed in every way possible, in ways that she can succeed. Baby steps, if needed.
  • Donna
    Oh me, oh my! Where do I start?!

    New Year's Resolutions 2018:

    1. I have been away from survey taking, so I am hoping to get back into taking surveys again.
    2. I want to get my house cleaned up! I am tired of being embarrassed when people come over!
    3. Eat healthier, and lose weight!

    I think that is enough! ;)
  • Admin
    Thanks to everyone for participating. Congratulations to the winners!

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