• Mitzi drye
    im tired of fighting a losing battle trying to get my pts from getting gipped out my survey pts/dq pts etc. just tired of it. ill do like the hubby has been doing. ill look in pretty often on the forums and all because i love yall people on here. i just cashed out the last time for the foreseeable future. later guys. sigh!
  • Paulgro
    Hope to hear from you soon!!
  • J Zerbs
    Sorry to hear it's still not going good for you here. I agree if it's frustrating you and your not getting points move on to other panels that are better for you and maybe check every once in a while to see if things have improved.
  • Carol hughes

    I can't say I blame you it's getting harder to make anything on this site for all the time we spend on here just checking in I haven't been here very long but can see this happening to me in the future if things don't turn around
  • Kingalfred
    ... all i can suggest is when you reach cash out , don't ,its there then if you want to quit and leave,you're not chasing points and pulling your hair out for weeks, trying to accumulate.
    lots of sites i use seem to have slowed lately with invites and good pts per survey becoming less n less daily..
    site hop..i dont mind waiting for cashouts..using lots of sites means there's always one to cashout from over the week..i cash out on the 20th of the month from where ever is tallied up enough..
    it's never been a get rich scenario.. i reckon survey takers are 60% stubborn anyways .. for some reason we come back over n over.. to try and satisfy the 40% optimist in us maybe .,. thinking .,. it can only get better .,.
    also.. dont dwell on the negative .,. things go wrong and they do .,. breath .,. move on .,. put down your device .,.coffee break.,. fresh air break .,. come back refreshed ..
    expect little .,. smile when you get more .,.,.
    Chins up folks .,.
    Tommorows another day.....
  • Mitzi drye
    oh, im in several different panels and have been for a while, but at this time there arent any near as bad as whats happening with this panel.like i said i will keep popping in see yall guys and all. thanks
  • Krystyna
    I'm sorry that things didn't worked out for you here but please stop by sometimes for a chat.Wishing you all my best!
  • Mitzi drye
    oh i will. thanks so much.
  • charsocal
    - Will miss you and bobby as you always gave me something to smile about back in the day. Don't leave the forum !
  • Mitzi drye
    oh we want. we like all of you too much. thanks for the kind words
  • Mitzi drye
    wouldnt ya know it. i tried one last survey just now. i told myself this would be the last one. shouldnt have. sent this message to support, but i think i know whats going to happen.
    #173069 180/25 on pain patches, wraps etc.
    im so tired of these things happening to me. i certainly completed this survey. i spent way longer than the posted time for this blasted thing. just check. it didnt redirect me to the reg page . i want my pts for this survey. i had better not get robbed again or im going to get hold of someone who will do something about this getting cheated out of my pts all the time.
    should have known better than to try one more.
  • Carol hughes

    Sorry this is happening to you I hope you get your points
    I have noticed this week that I seem to getting a lot more of the 5 DQ points but only qualified for 2 surveys this week and they were low point ones.I did complete 2 all the way to the end but said demographics were filled which I don't thing is right I finished I should be paid.
    Just wanted to say hi if your checking in
  • Mitzi drye
    ive always said that they need to allow one who enters a survey, that they should be allowed to finish it. they have the tech to make this happen for sure. ive too, have been gipped this way far too often that it aint even funny.
  • Bobby Drye
    ive been saying this for the longest time also.
  • Carol hughes

    Not only happening in this site but others as well
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