• Bob Dack

    Wow,you have no idea how jipped you feel till you get eight survys to try-out for bumped out of everyone only to end up with a total of 5 whole DQ points?So this is the new normal
  • Johnnie Jordan
    My Surveys are current surveys tailored to your specific profile information. These surveys typically give you a chance to earn rewards points that can be redeemed for Amazon.com online gift certificates. Even if you don’t qualify for a survey, you will receive 5 points just for your time.

    Thank you for your time! You did not qualify for this survey. We encourage you to try again on other surveys in the future. Unfortunately, this session was not eligible for 5 points as your responses didn’t match with the client requirement. While you are no longer eligible for that survey, please answer the below question to attempt another survey.

    Why are there so many surveys on my dashboard that you know I don't qualify for that don't give dq points?
  • charsocal
    - They changed the rules about a month or two ago about the 5 points and have not deleted that statement yet. Sometimes you will get 5 points other times you won't.
  • Krystyna
    Admin-in one of your post you stated that all contests wins will be credited to one's account automatically,yet I'm still waiting for my ,what,for 6 days now,emailed you about it yesterday and was told ,wait 24 hours,well is over that period time already.Same thing was told by you about some missing points that we will get them by the end of the month(that was september),then on on rumble chat (in october) you said within week,then you said wait 24 hours.....grrrrrr....
  • Bob Dack

    So the new normal is give someome say 6-8 survey to try-out and bump them out of every one and give them 5DQ points total for their effort???
  • Bobby Drye
    the only reason ive stayed so far. really like the community. about like family, dont agree with everyone on everything, but hey thats part of the fun.
  • Bob Dack

    I begin to wonder after all these rejections into surveys ,
    is it just me this sample cube is bumping or are there bunches of people it is doing this to?
    This not getting any points for anything or a rarely 5DQ point do not total much at all?
  • Michele
    Yes, I agree with all complaints and have experienced the same! I get e-mails sent nearly every day which I don’t qualify for most of the time. No disqualify points. Very frustrating.
  • Carol hughes

    Did you ever get it?
    The do need to follow through with what they say
  • Krystyna
    Yes,finally after about a week.I agree with you that Uni should follow their own rules and what they say.
  • Carol hughes

    When I won some time ago I also had to email them twice before I received it not sure if you don't ask for it if you would get it that is so wrong
  • Bob Dack

    survey experience,survey experience,survey experience.....what are you guys talking about you have to let someone into a survey to have a survey experience before they can rate it as a survey experience who's in charge of this stupis sample cube???
    Seven survey try-outs and a total of ten DQpoints!!!
  • sharonh
    @Admin Can you delete some old pinned topics or remove the pins so we don't have so many topics on top?
  • Kingalfred
    Also Admin .,.,. some kind of roll call/activity check .,. if some one dose'nt log in for a week they drop off the list to be sent invites.,.they then log back in their name goes back on the invites list .,. saves surveys being sent out and just sat there timing out untaken .,.
    the more you log in .,. the more invites you get .,. the less activity you show .,. the less invites you get?
    ...just a thought ...
  • Bob Dack
    I feel cheater again= Respondent token is not available?

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