• Kingalfred
    .,.,A company wants a survey to test the quality of its product .,.
    they decide they want a lot of people to take this survey ..
    this survey is costing quite a pretty penny..
    now You and i begin this survey
    some complete
    some DQ
    along the way through this survey
    the survey decides You are being quite likely negative..and will continue to be negative toward this product
    on the other hand the survey decides You are being quite positive
    and will likely remain positive
    so.,.therefore.,.could there be a DQ function written into this survey
    that for no apparant reason that appears to yourself You got DQ'd
    .,.my point being.,.someone spent a few bob putting out a survey.,.
    they dont want it coming back 60% negative
    so do you think that it could be manipulated to allow positive completions and negative disqualifications .,. hmmm!?

    the reason i thought this.,. i have been invited to a very similar almost same TV survey .,. maybe 6 times
    through differing sites .,. and get DQ .,.at exactly the same point
    the question "where will you buy your next TV"
    now because i choose to buy it at A instead of B
    but if i chose to buy it at B instead of A would i have progressed..
    my point.,. said survey can brag.. 80% of people buying a new TV ..would choose B store
    (the store that initiated the survey)

    thanks for reading
  • charsocal
    - Obviously some people just want to hear what they WANT to hear and nothing more. Question, did you have to watch a TV show, or did you have to home test an actual TV ?
  • Kingalfred
    No testing .,. just ask.. when i last bought.,.when will i next buy.,. brand i have.. brands i'd concider
    where i bought from.,. where i'd buy from
  • charsocal
    - Gotcha ! Sounds like the car surveys I get when they ask the same questions. If I were to choose an American car I may spring forward but if I were to choose an import I may be bumped out or vise versa. Just answer the way you really feel and that's all about you can do. It's either a win win or lose lose. What gets me is when the survey says there are No Right or Wrong Answers which isn't true the majority of the time.
  • Benny

    When I see that No Right or Wrong Answers I start thinking an I going to get my 5 points.
  • Kingalfred
    maybe i'm over thinking things ...
    the surveys that ask demographics straight off the bat seem more honest...
    you get in or you don't ..
    the surveys that ask demographics 60 70 80% of the way through .,. then boot you out on entering your details .,. seems to me they will boot you out because your answers are not positive enough for the brand and will deem them less popular than they would like.,. so no matter your demographics.,.you're outer there.,.
  • J Zerbs
    Maybe the survey was for a certain store or tv brand and if you didn't buy it from that store or get that brand your info wouldn't be relevant for the survey?

    However I agree if your going to have a survey like that ask the screening questions at the start not 2/3-3/4 of the way through. Also you'd think if you didn't buy it from that particular store, get a specific brand or you rankings were negative they'd want to know why so they could improve and gain more customers in the future.

    What I find really irritating is when you complete a survey 100% and it says we have enough respondents with your demographics already so you only get 5 points. Getting 60-75% through and getting that is bad enough but completing it 100% and expecting to get your points only to get disqualified is much worse in my opinion and I've had it happen a few times in the last few days.
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