• Mitzi drye
    im telling ya, ive never had so much trouble with support like i have these last many months. its always some excuse like a drop-off, client terminated, etc. i just had a problem with a survey the other day. i spent several minutes on it and all of a sudden a page came up that really didnt have a thing it looked like to do with the survey. i told support about it and guess what? they said i didnt even spend but 1 minute on this survey. ridiculous!said it was a combination of a client drop-off and something else. i completed it for goodness sakes! when is this nightmare ever going to end of getting robbed all the time?7ujdczakn29sm4cn.png
  • lucky
    My home IP address got blocked on the Univox surveys almost 3 weeks ago and support has been working on trying to fix it since it started and they still can't figure out how to unblock my IP address after almost 3 weeks.
  • Mitzi drye
    my goodness! hope they get something done soon
  • Mitzi drye
    you know i just got 2 replies from support about a couple of the problems im having and now they are saying im the only user on univox that have gotten in contact with them about having these problems. do what? one of the problems was getting the blue box page letting you know that the survey isnt available. 6 out of 9 this morning i had to do that to me. i just wanted to know why, if they are unavailable, why are posted then? thats all. i mean i had just logged in this morning and this happened.
    the other thing was another survey i was talking about up above earlier. again, they said i was the only user getting in contact with them about getting robbed like this. again, do what? i asked them do they ever read the forums at all. the hubby had 8 of 13 today the 1st time he logged in today. and the 1st 7 in a row did it to him in the space of a around a minute. he was furious and i told him they did pretty much the same thing to me. he emailed support and i wonder if their answer is going to be the same to him as it was to me. sigh! so tired of the runaround.
    i know some may think i like to complain a lot. nope, i dont, i just like to take up for myself when im done wrong. ive got a funny feeling that univox is going to find some reason to dump me off the panel for complaining so much.
  • J Zerbs
    Don't know how they can say you're the only one when the between the forum, the old shoutmix and whatever the new chat on the dashboard is called I've seen at least 100's probably 1000's of similar complaints since I joined and see at least one literally every day I use the site.
  • Mitzi drye
    i know, i know!! exactly my point. like i said they are getting to be masters of excuses. i hate saying that, but its true.
  • hunter689
    Well they said they have no surveys in my area - My thoughts is you make to much and they drop you
  • J Zerbs
    I don't think that's the case the I believe the more a member makes the more they make. I don't know why some members all of a sudden stopped receiving surveys. If it's because they were banned univox should tell them that's why. If it's due to a error they don't seem to be in a hurry to fix it. I stopped receiving surveys on another site I sometimes use and after a week contacted their support and they had accidentally blocked me from getting surveys. They took me off the blocked list and I immediately started getting surveys again. I don't know why if it's a error they haven't been able to fix it yet.

    Definitely true, in a way some of their responses are funny (as well as frustrating at times) because they're often just a canned response that doesn't even answer your question/issue.
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