• Sonu Agal
    Please earn more points through Offer Wall as per below Link & give Plaudits: -

  • Manicgrizzly
    Are you sure the offer wall is live Sonu? I copy below a post I made earlier in the offer wall thread......

    PS - I'm not sure you CAN earn points? Mine are there in the offer wall, but they don't credit to my account so (for me at least!) they are only theoretical...... I'm interested what anyone else thinks?

    Earlier post below - I think I messed up 'quote' so copy and pasted lol!

    Sorry if this question has been answered somewhere, but if I'm in the 'my polls' or 'profile surveys' pages in 'my panel', I can still access the offer wall page - is this available for us to use? The links to the offer wall are there, a quarter of the 'my points' page seems set up to record offer wall points, and I have to admit to having a quick play a couple of weeks ago and I earned a quick 1.4 points there so it all seems to be working ok.....however I can't help thinking I'm not supposed to use it? I'm thinking the wall would be more obvious to find and the link would be on all pages rather than just 2, and my 1.4 points are registered on the offer wall page, but don't show in the my points page, and I'd expect more chat on the forum if it was in general use: so maybe it isn't 'live' yet?

    If there is a thread or post that covers this could someone point me in the right direction please? Thank you :D
  • J Zerbs
    Wondering the same thing, I seen others mention the offer wall but have never seen a link to it on the site. I went to it and completed a offer but didn't get the points credited to my account. @Admin is the offer wall active.
  • Krystyna
    I don't think that the offer wall is active or in fact if it still exists.At the beginning of Uni's "experiment",bunch of offers appeared on the dashboard but soon after,poof,no longer there.
  • Manicgrizzly
    Thank you for helping me out - I'm having a bit of a tech fail day today: first I fail to master the quote function, then I completely forgot that I could use @Admin to just ask if the offer wall is active or not, and you don't want to know about my day with technology outside this forum lol! Good job you are with it, and thank you for taking the time to uncomplicate things for me - lets see what they say :D

    If you go to your dashboard, my panel, then click either profile surveys or my polls you should see a $ icon at the bottom of the icons on the left of your screen - this is the link to the offer wall, and it would appear to be fully functional (I completed an offer, and it sounds like did too)..... it isn't exactly high profile though, and there's no signposting to it, so unless you are the kind of person who happens to notice a $ and clicks on it to find out what it does (me!) there's no reason to think anyone would know the offer wall is even there! It may even be that my setup is rendering redundant links into the webpage and you don't see the $ unless you have the same setup as me? It would be interesting to know if you can access the offer wall now you know where it is if you have the time and don't mind? For info I'm on Windows 10 and Edge Admin if its relevant at all?

    I'm thinking this is the mothballed wall that Krystyna mentioned, and for whatever reason we've picked up links to parts of the site that should be hidden? Just guessing though!
  • Donna
    I was able to access it, too. I'm also using Edge and Windows 10. I didn't even know it was there until I read your above response to .
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