• Donna
    Does anyone want to state or elaborate on which answer they chose out of "More Likely", "Less Likely", or "Not at all"?
    @Admin A few months ago, I would have chosen "More Likely", definitely. But I am sorry to say that as of now, I had to choose "Less Likely" (and that is being rather generous). Things have happened in the last 2 to 3 months or so, that sadly, have eroded my confidence in Univox.
    The first being that I know of at least three members @C Hanson,@Chris1955, and @Marvy who have had points deducted by you from their "Points Remaining" account balance - which are the points they EARNED SINCE THEIR LAST REDEEM, so those points SHOULD NOT BE AFFECTED BY DELETING OLD SURVEYS or whatever it was you did that made you think you were correct in deducting those points.
    The next is that I am hearing of MANY long time members who just suddenly stopped receiving surveys. ZERO surveys in the past month. They went in one day - from receiving 20 to 30 surveys per day to NOTHING in the past month. With no good explanation from you.
    Next - what is up now with the surveys, that instead of redirecting back to Univox when you're disqualified, they give you an opportunity to take a new survey? I don't want to take a new survey. I want the 5 points for DQing. When I want to take a new survey, I go back to my dashboard and I take a new survey. It seems like you're constantly coming up with new ideas to avoid paying those 5 points.
    I'm sorry, but I cannot in good conscience, recommend Univox to anyone, when I am not certain that the above first two things will not happen to me or someone I might recommend Univox to.
  • J Zerbs
    Less likely (what kind of choices are those too?) in addition to the problems you mentioned the amount of points surveys are for has gone way down. Also when you do complete a survey a lot if the time it doesn't redirect to univox so you don't get credited.
  • Donna
    @Admin One of the surveys that does not redirect back to Univox, (and therefore does not give the 5 DQ points) but instead gives a new survey to try is survey #132137. Again, when I am ready to take a new survey, I go to my dashboard and I take a new survey.
  • sharonh
    Univox was probably losing money giving 5 cents for DQ. In order to stay in business, they had to lower the points for surveys.....This my theory.

    However, if the profiles truly screened better, I probably would receive 50% less survey offers. So 5 DQ = less when surveys are completed. Which way do you receive more points? Considering I finish 1-3 surveys per WEEK, I am sure I receive more points with 5 pt DQ than I would with no points for DQ and higher points for surveys completed
  • Marvy
    I said 'less likely' for several reasons. The three main ones are:
    1. The 280 points that were deducted from my account - this is around the time of the Valentine's contest debacle and the site restructuring.
    2. Although I've been called out by a few members due to my name being selected for multiple wins - I am Marvette Johnson - I've not received most (90%) of those points. I've emailed Admin too many times to count and still nothing.
    3. I agree with @J Zerbs that the points awarded for each survey has decreased dramatically; and yet it seems that the LOI is quite high for the payout.

    I could go on and on, but those are my top three.

    Like you, Donna, I too have lost a lot of confidence in this site.
  • Donna
    As much as I enjoy the contests and looking for my name in the sweepstakes, I would rather see them end the different contests than get rid of the 5 point DQs. I've always thought the contests, Sweepstakes, Surprise Me, and Social Media (Bumper Points) were extremely generous of them, but wondered how long they can keep giving away all those points.
  • Donna
    Also have wondered these past couple of months whether Uni wasn't sold/under new management or whatever because of all the happenings of the last couple of months.
  • Bobby Drye
    im with you on this gal.
  • Kingalfred
    Instead of putting out 500 surveys for 100 points
    Its now like the companies want 1000 responses for 50 points
    Due... I guess to the popularity rise in users ...

    Tickbox and censuswide? Censusworld?
    Go on n on n on n on they claim 3loi for 30pts ...you think why not
    But 12 minutes later and 6 subject changes .... You're still there ...
    .... Dis heartening ....

    All You can do ... Join as many sites as You can ... Plod on here n there ...
    I don't mind who pays out at the end of the month ... So long as they do ...

    The thought of a sellout/new management could be viable..
    New inputs

    Happy Days

    Spread your wings and fingers ... Plenty more feeeesh in the survey seas....
  • Wizard8072
    My thoughts exactly,and even mentioned back a few weeks ago when they tried their "expirement" - biggest thing is the high LOI - low point surveys - maddening
  • KellyD
    I couldn't have said it better. Thanks Donna!
  • Krystyna
    That automatic redirection to take another survey (without redirecting back to Uni upon dq) troubles me too since most of the time I go to my dashboard to take a survey of my choice anyways.
  • Syvynn
    I'm pretty sure I said Less Likely or the none at all whatever that said. Also, that stupid redirection thing. I clicked on survey A, it redirected back and wanted me to qualify for a new one, I clicked through and was actually able to complete the survey. Only to go back to Univox and them say I didn't qualify for the survey. No points. Since it was only for like 38 points I didn't bother with the email.
  • Wizard8072
    I have been getting a LOT of those multiple demographics, and going to other sites and then no re-direct - if I spend less than 5 minutes with them I don't send a email - too much trouble and time - just move on to the next one - not near as good as it used to be - and I am a newbie here - but I have seen a HUGE change
  • Paulgro
    I said less likely because of all the problems lately.
  • J Zerbs
    Maybe a newbie compared to some but you've still been around a while. I've gotten to the point too where I no longer even bother sending a message for some surveys that don't credit after I completed them. Maybe it's just me but I find it funny when a survey for less than a 100 pts doesn't credit I usually get the points if it's a higher point survey I never seem to get credited.
  • Wizard8072
    Roger that - only a few times have I got credit, even with screen shots showing completion - maybe they will get the site stabilised before too long :-)
  • Admin
    Thanks for being honest, We have run the poll again with the similar questions because of recent dissatisfaction among our users.
  • Donna
    Thank you, Admin for responding to my post. I am not alone in how I feel, though. As you can see from the others who responded - they feel the same way. And you really did not give an answer to the things I and others have asked about - the deducting of points from people's accounts, and many long time members who have not gotten a single survey in the last month. Those are the two things that worry me the most.
    I have refrained from writing any negative reviews on Survey Police in the hopes that things will straighten out here. I really do love this site and wish it would return to what it was before you initially changed the 5 point DQ rule. It saddens me to lose the confidence I had in Univox.
  • lucky
    I agree that this site has never been the same since Univox took away the 5 points for DQ and then added it back. Now there are very low point surveys and many people not getting surveys in their accounts at all. Even though I am a top five lifetime earner on Univox, I have moved on to other survey sites and only rarely come back to see what surveys are available at Univox. Univox used to be the best survey site and as far as I am concerned is now one of the worst survey sites. I had been a loyal Univox member for years but would definitely not recommend them to a friend at this point.
  • Adamstorm
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  • cjsenour
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