• Donna
    @Admin Would you care to address this question? Why have some members gone from 20+ survey invites per day to ZERO survey invites per day in the last month? Is this a glitch? Are their accounts working correctly? Are you working on it?
    I don't know about other members, but it really erodes my confidence in Univox when I hear of stuff like this happening. It's bad enough that points were taken out of at least two members' current balance because of deleting old surveys.
  • mikeee
    I am concerned about this as well. It is also not good publicity for the site!
  • Marvy
    I agree. This is a bit concerning.

    P.S.--I too lost points (280) during the 'purge.'
  • charsocal
    - I have also been wondering about this issue with members not receiving any surveys.
  • Syvynn
    I saw on another post where KellyD was suggested to change everything in her profile (by another member) and save it, leaving it alone for about 15 minutes, and then to change everything back to it's normal (correct) answers. To see if that unlocks anything. So right now, I'm hoping that is the answer to the problem. That they are "stuck" in a glitch. Like Shoutmix with Outlook email addresses.
  • charsocal
    - Hope it fixes their problems!
  • Donna
    I hope it fixes it too! Sure can't hurt to try!
  • Vivienne
    I am one of those that went from 20 plus per day to zero, as well as redeeming 1 or 2 times a month. Well now this is 23 days w/ not one survey invite at all, after 5 yrs & Ambassador level, I feel that univox is no longer what it was when the changes came in, it seems the change 23 days ago was to purge certain members. My profile didnt change 23 days ago & I've updated my profile as they keep asking me to do. I'm ready to just give up
  • Kingalfred
    ..... This is what I was trying to address in my
    "Equality " post ... Uni" should pay some kind of attention to as where the invites go..
    Instead of relying on which ever program dishes them out..
    Another program should log inactivity as well as activity..
    I.E.. Why has user A who logs in everyday ....not cashed out for 8 weeks....

    The 5pts thing...initially they were trying to change it ... The reason being
    People were cashing out having not even attempted to take surveys
    ..... So....though I maybe wrong ...and mostly are...some security program they may have tried
    Incorporating is too severe and wrongly preventing even distribution...

    Another thing I have noticed
    All the posts...still no Uni' explanation .... Ghosts in the machine ....
  • lucky
    I posted this information a while back but my wife also went from 20 plus Univox surveys every day for several years to zero per day for over 2 weeks. She finally considered that Univox account dead since she was not getting any surveys and set up a new account using identical profile information from her 1st account and started getting surveys immediately in the new Univox account using the same profile information as the 1st account.
  • Kingalfred
    I was also thinking about doing this Lucky
    I decided against it as I thought uni might think I was trying to be underhanded
    Or pull a fast one...
    Ask her to not use the other account or at least inform uni as to the reasons...?

    Maybe older ..old accounts are for some people ...somehow contaminated with bad code or bad script or something ...

    They've obviously done some thing to make the site more secure which has backfired...
  • lucky
    She emailed Univox support and called the 1-800 number support person and they both just kept saying when a survey matches your profile you will get it. Obviously that is not correct since she never did get any surveys in her old account but did get surveys in her new account using the identical profile information. There is a major problem with so many Univox accounts not getting surveys and Univox will not admit to the problem or fix it.
  • mikeee
    Yeah, it seems a little fishie to me. It is not promoting trust.
  • Paulgro
    I still get over 20+ a day but most are the same Qualtric surveys so I'm lucky to get 2 or 3 that I can actually do. Things are definitely not the same here.
  • sascha
    I agree with you on that. It all seems odd.
  • Marian Pantic
    I deleted my account with Univox. I got plenty of surveys for two years that suddenly stopped a month ago. Get zero now. Was no point being a member anymore.I think some members have been blocked, unfortunately. Once you delete your account it is permanent and you wont be able to get back on. Site wont let you create a new account/profile unless you use a different email address.
  • kaminikij
    I think your right about the security being too high. But could it also be there are just too many members? Tho I have been getting my 5 pointers no problem but rarely do i qualify for a survey.The age factor for me.
  • frances turkel
    I think I had almost 20 survey's and dq all of them! one of the 20 survey's didn't receive any points at all! but that's ok ....just cashed out..for an amazon gift card! they said I have to wait 2 wks for the code.
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