• PrincessDC
    Univox Community
    Dear Members, We would like inform you that new 5 Points Rule was in an experiment phase and on the basis of the feedback and user review we have retained the old 5 points policy. However, no 5 Points will be given in the case of bad data.
    Univox Community
    Please feel free to reach us out, in case of any questions. You can email us at or call us at 866-344-7832.
    I then asked,
    So do I understand you correctly Admin? and you brought back the 5pts for most DQ's? and some other stuff, But about 11 mins. later, I saw someone say this?
    Just attempted survey 125314 but did not qualify and did not get 5 points for trying - are you no longer giving the 5 points for not qualifying?
    I'm now thinking, it doesn't look like old 5 points policy has been retained. What do you all think?
    About 3 mins. later, Admin did reply this to me,
    Univox community
    Hi Pretty, we request you to please do not worry and enjoy your participation in surveys. Thanks !
    I'm now thinking, It sounds good and promising!! I hope the 5 pts are really back!! Good Luck All!! Now I need some surveys to attempt!
  • kaminikij
    Didnt change for me.Yesterday was the 1st 5 pointer for dq I recieved all week. This morning no joy
  • Oldschool
    Same here cleared my inbox of 12 surveys( half qualtrics that said I already had taken) no points for anything.Maybe they will make the changes overnight to the site.
  • Syvynn
    Worked for me. Only tried one survey though, it redirected to Samplicio for half a second before coming back to Univox and giving me 5. So it worked on 1, maybe it will work on all?
    Just tried another one, it got stuck on the "loading main survey" page... and froze there so I had to go back to the original Sample Cube page and try again and got "Thank you for your time! You did not qualify for this survey. We encourage you to try again on other surveys in the future. Unfortunately, this session was not eligible for 5 points as your responses didn’t match with the client requirement. While you are no longer eligible for that survey, please answer the below question to attempt another survey." I guess that's legit?! Although it sucks because it wasn't my fault it froze on SC and wouldn't redirect. Oh well.
  • Mitzi drye
    well I'm keeping my fingers crossed. just tried 8 and did get dq points for all but 2. 1 I did qualify for(yeah!!!) and 1 that said it wasn't taking any more takers. good sign.
  • PrincessDC
    I don't know if the DQ points are back yet but, I did get to complete the 1 survey I just got finally, and got the smiley face Thank you, and actually got my 38 points, instead of it saying I didn't qualify afterwards like what happened to my mom(Catwoman) and others I seen on here, so maybe it will get better overnight to change everything back to the way it was and that's a good start too?
  • Wizard8072
    i just tried 2 surveys - got 5 points on DQ - interesting thing though is that it forwarded me all over the place and in both surveys, had to answer the basic demographics questions 3 different times on three different screens - just odd in my opinion
  • mikeee
    First couple I tried did not credit DQ, bu tthen I logged out and back in and they seem to be crediting again.
  • PrincessDC
    Problem is, I don't usually get more then 1 survey to attempt a day, especially on the days it seems I completed a survey already by some coincidense(lol), so I don't know if I will be getting any DQ points for trying yet, but atleast some of us are starting to get to earn points again, which is a good start, since I haven't earned any points in 3 days, right?
  • Syvynn
    Almost positive that their "bad data" is when you have to go back to the original Sample Cube link. I just had another that went to a new site but said there they weren't collecting any more results but didn't redirect back. Instead of being able to refresh the original link to get the 5 points, that's been dismantled.
  • lucky
    I tried 2 surveys and got disqualified during the Sample Cube questions and received 5 points for DQ on each one so it appears to be working the way it used to for me.
  • Bobby Drye
    well mitzi said the dq points were back on track, so I decided to give them a try, well, did 10. only got the dq points for 3 out of 10. and everyone of them told me I didn't qualify! doesn't seemed fixed to me at all! pretty upset. if im told I don't qualify, then where are the dq points?
  • godseeconomy
    i didn't get the 5 points for dq.
  • Catwoman
    ..well, I'm happy to say I am getting some 5pts for DQ's so far, although I did still get a message on my last survey attempt #125258 saying, Thank you for your time! You did not qualify for this survey. We encourage you to try again on other surveys in the future. Unfortunately, this session was not eligible for 5 points as your responses didn’t match with the client requirement. While you are no longer eligible for that survey, please answer the below question to attempt another survey, and I wonder why that doesn't qualify for the DQ pts?, and will this message be more common now to us members when trying a survey and not qualifying, so Univox has a reason not to give the DQ pts still?? ..I didn't give "bad data", so that's not a reason for no DQ pts, just saying.
  • Jessica S
    That's good to hear that it was only an experiment and that they actually pay attention to what the people are saying. Not a lot of sites take what we would say to heart
  • cjsenour
    Just did 5 surveys and got DQ points on 4 of them. I tried yesterday and didn't get any points, so they must have just fixed it this morning. As for Admin., I don't think English is their first language since some of the syntax is a little strange. Maybe that is why they have canned answers to many questions. It also might be why they do things differently like telling us after the fact about changes. Maybe that is how they do things in their country. I do commend them for actually listening to us and making things better so far. I will reserve judgement this week before I upgrade my rating on Survey Police.
  • Catwoman
    ..well I tried 8 surveys and got DQ pts for 4, but 1 said no longer accepting additional responses #125164 with no redirect back to Univox page, 1 said(the above post I posted #125258) that it wasn't eligible for the 5pts, which does make me wonder why and if that will happen often?, 1 #124983 just disappeared after I clicked on it, so I'm use to not getting 5 pts for that, and the other 1 #125046 said vendor is required and didn't redirect back to Univox page, so no DQ pts there, which I did mention on shoutmix for Admin to check..I'm not using the back button anymore since maybe that was a problem to Univox which I thought would just help me get redirected back tothe original survey link for the 5 points, but not trying to take any surveys more then once, and said it seems to be dismandled anyway now..I'm atleast happy to be getting some DQ pts already, and maybe they will get it fixed for more to give the points soon.
  • Catwoman
    ..great discussion post by the way hun!! ..thanks for the info..good job!!! :)
  • Catwoman
    ..also, wtg on getting to complete a survey today!!!! ..lucky u!!! ..that is a good start! ..hope u get some more survey attempts soon hun! :)
  • Donna
    I just tried two surveys. The first I just exited out of by choice and the second went right to a DQ screen and I did receive 5 points for it.
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