• Mitzi drye
    think about this. most panels do things like this to get a lot of members to quit. when a panel has a certain amount of panelists they can afford to pay them say, the 5 points for a dg, but when they have a much greater # of panelists after it grows over time , they cant afford to pay all these people .5 a dq. its matter of #'s. ive seen it happen way too often over the years.
  • Kingalfred
    I looked in poll surveys..average 6 7 thousand entries for the newer ones..accumulated over 3 4 days..some notice the poll sooner than others ...so lets say 1000 members per day get 10 DQ's = 10,000 DQ's X's 5pts = 50,000pts divided by 20 = $2.5k per 10.000 DQ's ? But if all 1000 members complete 1 survey amongst that for 100pts = 100.000pts. = $1,000 they must take half? So also earn a $1.000 maybe my maths is all wrong
    Dont read this or try work it out
    It will give you a headache
  • Stan
    Only one survey for me to attempt in over a week. Grrrr. (N)
  • kaminikij
    Sadly I have a feeling the site is goint to close.It might have been a smarter move to limit the points you can earn in a day for the dq's.Bob Dack said it right.After this I think they should at least let the members
    Redem the points they have even if they dont reach the cashout point.Ous statas at this point dont mean a thing.
  • KellyD
    Bob Dack: You said it all here. Thanks. Couldnt have said it better myself! Everything you are saying is so true that I hope Admin reads your post and listens. We'll see.
  • Bob Dack
    Yes, I received this in a message after I sent them an outline e-mail
    of general thoughts and how upset people were!?

    "We apologise for the inconvenience caused to you. Would like inform you that new 5 Points Rule was in an experiment phase and on the basis of the feedback and user review we have retained the old 5 points policy. However, no 5 Points will be given in the case of bad data.

    Please feel free to reach us out, in case of any questions. You can email us at or call us at 866-344-7832".
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