• Admin
    Dear Members,

    We keep often getting the request to upgrade the account but do have certain terms and conditions to be fulfilled also its complete our discretion to withhold or withdraw any members level.

    Basic rules are listed below for the upgrade of an account.
    Note- This is only the minimum criteria not the complete criteria to upgrade.

    Basic- Its the bare minimum level for any member after they join our community,it remains to be so until we decide to upgrade the account, this level members can withdraw anything 2500 or above.

    Verified- Its the next level after the basic level, to reach this our dedicated team from time to time basis do so, after verifying the account completely for any fraud or deception of an same account or using any other mode to complete the surveys. If all these criteria meets than we see the redemption times and the revenue generated. After due authentication of an account our team upgrade to the next level.
    One can redeem from 2000 onward to 10000.

    Premium-This is the next level after verified it has many advantages in its way, to reach this level member really have to work hard but in a honest possible way. Here the verification level also becomes stringent as its consider to enter very trustworthy zone, So here we look at the number of redemption, length of an association with us and some other criteria too. After substantiating the account it get upgrade to this level. Members of this level consider to be the very honest members of our community. The redemption amount start from 1500 to 10000.

    Ambassador- This level is more or less similar to premium in terms of upgrading conditions, but our cream members only get to reach here and their redemption time is also never kept on hold because of strong trust they hold in our heart. They can redeem, from 1000 onward.

    P.S -The upgrade process happens on the complete discretion of our team. Though the process conducted on the weekly basis so that our deserving members shouldn't be missed out, if anyone has missed please do drop us a message.

    Thanks All the best :)
  • Krystyna
    Great information for those who already didn't know all the facts,thank you for posting.Now I have a question,until yesterday I was at premium level,this morning I noticed that the level is removed.Is this some kind of error or computer glitch?Could you please check it out?
  • Krystyna
    Pls,never mind the above comment,it got fixed.
  • Donna
    Is that the first time for you that it disappeared? Haven't noticed it do so lately, but mine used to disappear and reappear all the time.
  • Krystyna
    yes,it was first time and I though that maybe Uni is making some upgrades but asked about it anyway.
  • bigdayqueen
    Thank you for posting this!
  • Wizard8072
    Perfect - we can now direct users to this post for information as well as the other good information you have recently posted !!! Thanks for effort and support !!!
  • samantha byrum
    Great to know, hope to rank up soon :)
  • J Zerbs
    Are the number of points still a factor in upgrade?
  • Admin
    This should be some technical glitch of-course, please do provide your username so that we can sneak into the matter. Thanks
  • Admin
    Thanks for sharing this, but this was quite initial phase around a year back, we do keep changing our criteria based on the users authenticity. But its definitely not the complete reason to upgrade any members but yes up-to some points yes we can consider.
  • Admin
    Thankyou so much on time to time basis you all too can suggest if there is any information is missing so that we can frame a write up for easy understanding. Thanks
  • sascha
    I think it is great what you posted about the different membership levels. I am sure that I am not the only one on Ambassador level that thinks ADMIN is doing a great job! I noticed that you did not put in the statement anything about participating in the Contests or in the Forum. Did you discontinue those requirements?
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