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    Rate Your Experience.

    We appreciate the time and effort you put into our surveys. We hope you enjoy taking our surveys and find them interesting. We try to provide you best technology, customer service and survey quality.
    To enhance your survey experience, we would like to hear from you. We want to know if you’re pleased with overall survey participation experience, if not, please give our helpful customer service team an opportunity to improve your experience right away; our team members are more than happy to help.
    Now onwards, after completing a survey you will be asked to rate your participation experience, where you can rate us on a scale of 1-5. We also welcome you to post a detailed review in the “comment box” so that others can benefit from your experience.
    What we really want –
    1. We want to hear both, good and bad experience.
    2. If you have something good to share about the survey, like good content, smooth functioning, etc. do leave a comment, so that other members can benefit from that and they can look forward to a great survey.
    3. In case, you experience was bad, leave a detailed review about what went wrong. For example, quality of the survey was bad, technical error, bad designing, irrelevant questions, etc.
    We are always looking for ways to improve, so thanks again for your support and feedback.

  • Catwoman
    ..actually we have been rating this on my post from 3 hours ago, earlier this morning called "WOW, the comment & rating surveys is definately something I've never seen before on any other sites! ..if that answers and helps u any!" ..hope u get to read it and let us know..thanks!! :)
  • Krystyna
    Another site has the rate feature but only after you complete survey ,no rate for disqualifications and how I suppose rate dq survey when I'm dq on the spot, in that case I experienced nothing to rate the survey overall.
  • rtb
    Hi Support - thanks for giving this opportunity. I like it! However I think if I'm almost immediately disqualify for it, then it shouldn't have the option to rate, as what other rating could I give but one star? And there should be a button next to Submit saying Skip, if I don't want to rate the survey.
    I do like the idea that if it's one of those surveys where you do all the work and answers and then get disqualified at the end, that this can be noted for other users to beware of. Or if it offers very low points for the effort involved (like some of these recent .38c surveys!).
    Also, one question - where is ShoutMix now? it's no longer on the survey page. I miss it!!
  • sharonh
    definitely needs something to click if you don't want to rate, especially if you have a quick screen out.
  • Krystyna
    Yes,it should be the Skip option included too
  • Krystyna
    The shout is still on the dashboard along with the surveys available
  • rtb
    you see it on http://www.univoxcommunity.com/MySvc/MySurveys ? It's not there for me anymore :-(
    Oh, I see it on http://www.univoxcommunity.com/MySvc/Dashboard . Funny, I have always used <a href="http://www.univoxcommunity.com/MySvc/MySurveys" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">http://www.univoxcommunity.com/MySvc/MySurveys</a> as my preferred link - and this now has the new format with the survey ratings on it, but no ShoutMix
  • Krystyna
    Please click on dashboard,there it is the old format,the shout and surveys
  • charsocal
    We can't rate a survey if we get dq'd from it so it really dosn't benefit anyone once one is dq'd. If possible I would only let it pop up once a person actually takes a survey and gets their points.
  • Krystyna
    No shout on the new My Surveys page but still on dashboard ,guess we all have to get used to new thingy
  • Syvynn
    I am rating survey's I got DQ'ed from and I post comments like "5 pages of Sample Cube prequal. Then 8 pages of prequal at innovatemr. Don't fit the target audience, DQ. Quick and easy!" And my points were added (5 pts) from the time I clicked Exit until the Star/Rating page loaded.
  • Krystyna
    But I still see no Exit just submit on the rate page,my last comment on rating was N/A.
  • Syvynn
    When the survey is over, or DQ'ed, it goes to the page on Univox saying you didn't match, try again and it has Go to Next Survey or Exit. Clicking Exit takes you to the rating page. There is only the Submit button there, no Exit.


    If you are wanting to not go to the rating page, you can click on Dashboard another link in the top menu instead of clicking on Exit from the one page.
  • Bob Dack
    That's all well & good if I ever had an experience to report on?
    Most I can say is I hope they let me into a survey to report on a experience?
  • Mitzi drye
    don't like it very much
  • helloworld111
    good feature, but don't like having to rate every survey even if it is dq after 5 second
    i would only want to rate if i am in survey for long time
  • rexyb
    I am just kind of wondering how I can actual rate a survey I never took? I don't qualify for any of them (which is fine by me) but how can I truly rate it if I never took it?
  • Bob Dack
    Captured my thoughts exactly!?
  • Kingalfred
    .... I just click on the flag..go to available surveys..skips the process of rating a DQ..
  • PrincessDC
    I don't like this rate and comment thing. I can't rate something I didn't take, and it waste time I think.
  • Sreekanth
    This UNIVOX is very easy to earn money\
  • Vivienne
    I normally click on the dashboard
  • Admin
    Thanks to everyone for sharing your experience with us. We will forward all the problems you face to the concerned Teams and will definitely try to resolve them,

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