• Catwoman
    I know the Patriots are very good, but I'm gonna go against the odds and pick the Falcons even though I really don't know them just for the fun of it(i'm actually a Cowboys fan since I was like 7 yrs. old-longgggg time ago..lol), but I really don't even watch football anymore except maybe for the Superbowl
  • charsocal
    -Lived in Atlanta for 16 years, so GO FALCONS!
  • Catwoman
    ..kool, do u still live there now??
  • charsocal
    - No, moved to the Gulf Coast (FL) in 1994. All of my family and a lot of close friends still live there. Miss them, the action But not the horrific traffic.
  • Bob Dack
    Yeah I can't wait for them to shoot that puck in the net and
    get get many goals and I hope their are not too many fights on
    the Diamond that day but as it is always funny watching them try
    and stands on the ice and fight but it is always entertaining?

    "Go Manchester United!"
  • mikeee
    patsies will win, but I will not watch.
  • Oldschool
    Patriots all the way..Life long fan here back to the early 80's when we were the door mats of the NFL.Should be a great game.I hope Brady has a fantastic game.Its the first time this year both his parents will be at the game.His mother has been battling a sickness for over a year now.Go Pats
  • frances turkel
    I'm watching at home not going with Jerry since he's not going to his family to watch the game.
  • charsocal
    - All I can say, what a great game! Patriots won officially but Atlanta also won for giving it all and this is the first overtime game in the Super Bowl history. Kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time. Congrats to Brady, ooops meant the Patriots,lol.....
  • J Zerbs
    Great game but ATL lost the game just as much as NE won it. That was some of the worst play calling and execution I've ever seen by ATL in the 4th quarter.
  • Syvynn
    I'd rather be a fan of the Patriots than maneuver ATL traffic. Horrible place to drive.

    I was rooting for Falcons just because the Patriots make me gag. Next year I'm holding out hope for Cowboys or dare I say it for fear of laughter, the Jaguars.
  • rexyb
    didn't watch cause I didn't care for either team (although I hate Tom Brady and sad that they won)
  • Donna
    Not a football fan here, but that's interesting to know that this was the first overtime Super Bowl game!
  • charsocal
    - Totally agree with you about the 4th quarter! - Is it the Patriots or really Brady?? LOL.. Would love to know how many times his name was mentioned during the game. Brady this, Brady that, not the Patriots, but Brady and the Falcons. Drove me nuts! - Not a football fan either, but since I was born in Massachusetts and still have a few relatives there and lived there while I was a small child then lived in Atlanta (Air Force Brat) it was very interesting to watch and nor did I know that it was the first overtime game in Super Bowl history until it was announced during the game.
  • frances turkel
    I watched the game and the ended was very exciting Patriots really did a great job in the end.
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