• PrincessDC
    Good luck all. Thanks Admin!!
  • Catwoman
    ..thanks for letting us know-I was so happy to see u mention that u had surveys available in the shoutmix...it's been a great way to start the weekend..infact, just qualified for a 160pt survey just now..and now have 18 more surveys available..this is better then usual weekends, and definately makes up for the missing surveys from yesterday..I say, thanks too Admin!!! :)
  • mikeee
    I had 31
  • KellyD
    I only had 8 surveys waiting and disqualified from them all. Thankful for the 5 points each time I got disqualified. Seems like this is the way I am going to redeem again. Thank you Sample Cube for your many 5 points to me!! Speaking of Sample Cube...they asked me to spell out my first and last name and to enter my full address and phone number. Did all that and still disqualified me but still got my 5 points. Oh and they also asked me to enter my email address. Wonder if they are going to send me an email so I can rate and review them!!! Anyway thanks again for 5 disqualify points you keep giving me! Adding up quickly!!
  • Oldschool
    Hurray Finally some surveys again.Went from 1160 to 1540 this morning.Finished 2 and adding up all those 5 pointers.I did redeem 2500 points Wednesday and still didn't get paid but they told me Friday it would be Monday.They are usually faster but I think they were having some technical issues.Bob :))
  • Catwoman
    ..thanks and hooray to u too-that's a nice jump from 1160 to 1540 in 1 morning, and it's always a great feeling when u get to complete a survey-let alone 2!! ..congrats!! ..I hope u keep getting many more..I'm glad u mentioned about not getting your redeem yet from Weds. but should by Monday, cause my daughter(PrincessDC above) did her's Thursday but hasn't gotten it yet either, which I hope she will get her's by Monday also(but it does say 2 weeks, so it's really not late and she is pretty new here) ..I'm gonna probably do my redeem later today, but by Monday at the latest so I can try to add as many pts as I can to make it bigger by the time I do since all these surveys keep coming, hoping to have it by Tuesday(I usually get it by the next day and agree they are usually faster then the past few days, and I think they were having some technical issues too maybe bad enough not to be able to tell us, which I hope and seem to be fixed now) ..thanks for the info!! Donna :)
  • godseeconomy
    I'm happy for you. Not benefitting me at all.
  • Catwoman
    ..awww I'm so sorry to hear it's not benefitting u at all..I hope it starts to for u soon!!! ..good luck!!! ..the surveys have seemed to stop here for me now for a while, but I'm not giving up and will keep hoping more will come soon-I'm actually very happy though for all I have already gotten..and thanks!! :)
  • godseeconomy
    Thanks for the chin up.
  • Catwoman
    ..no problem..you're welcome!!! :)
  • frances turkel
    "Catwoman gret going keep up the great work!!!
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