• David J Lachance
    This has turned into an absolute joke . I was upgraded to a Premium member , told I would be eligible to participate in higher paying surveys and redeem points for rewards with only 1500 points .Well, that was a real crock of words .I do not qualify for any surveys and havent for at least a month , cannot take part in the ShoutMix conversations ...and when I try to make a comment on Shoutmix I am told a code will be sent to me to do so ...and guess what ? Nothing happens ...I receive no code .I hope someone from Univox reads this and gets back to me because it is impossible to contact them !!!! I am so fed up ...
  • Donna
    There should be a phone number at the top of your dashboard in the blue strip. or alternatively, click "Home", also located in the blue strip at the top of your dashboard, and there is a "Contact" button at the top of the Home page.
    I have also heard other members say that the emailed code will not go through for some reason to Hotmail/Outlook addresses. If you try having it sent to an email other than Hotmail/Outlook (if that is what you're using), that might help. Try Yahoo or gmail.
  • Davie
    I had the same problem, now I know thank you and
  • Bob Dack

    email at
  • Admin
    We understand where you come from, this shouldn't happen as many of our users are being happy privilege benefactor. We would request you to send a mail to our support team . Thanks
  • Bluegal
    I need to know how to get a login for shoutmix. Everytime I try to login and wait for the 6-digit pin code it never comes. I did as suggested and added them to my contact list and still nothing. I find it seems shoutmix is the easiest way to get to the help/support center, but I cant get support if I have no way of contacting them
  • Donna
    If you scroll up just a bit, someone else asked your exact same question. :) Think I just answered it yesterday or maybe the day before.
  • Krystyna
    MSN email didn't work for me but got the pin sent to my Yahoo address.
  • Admin
    we understand your case please send a mail to our support team at support@univoxcommunity,com. Thanks
  • Christopher Burry
    Could you please tell me how many points you must amass before you can purchase a reward
  • charsocal
    - It sounds like you are at Basic User Level so it would be 2500 ($25.00 ) for Amazon or Virtual Mastercard. Verified User is 2000, Premium User 1500 and Ambassador is 1000. Only Premium and Ambassador User Levels can cash out for Paypal. It also depend on the country you live in. Once you are ready to cash out you will see the options that you have available.
  • welmer
    Hello .. why did you deny my redemption??
    967862 2/17/2021 6:43:22 AM Reward Link 2,500 25.00 USD Denied

    please reply quickly .. thank
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