• Donna
    This is one of those polls where I can't just vote and leave it at that! It was hard to choose an answer, so I feel the need to elaborate! Chime in with your own thoughts if you want!
    I had a hard time choosing between Shoutmix and Customer Support (CS). Since I often use Shoutmix for CS purposes, I ended up voting CS.
    There is so much more that makes Univox different, though. Some thoughts...
    Univox asks for our input - and uses it.
    Univox in my opinion, has made HUGE strides in bettering the site over the last year. Remember when redeems took 1 - 2 weeks? My last four or so redeems have been next day - less than 24 hours.
    Univox is VERY generous with points. Can't stress the VERY enough! In addition to survey points, they give 5 points for DQs, they have the Answer to Wins (50 points to 5 members), Social Media/Bumper Points (200 points, I think), DAILY Sweepstakes (300 points), Surprise Me (200 or so points - if they would just work on not choosing the same names over and over!), and the weekly poll (3 points). I almost forgot last year's Holiday contest for the top 1,000 members. I wasn't in the top 1,000 last year, but it was still an awesome and generous contest! Some sites give away entries for drawings which leave you wondering if anyone really wins. Univox doesn't do that. They give away points, which = money.
    One of the best things about Univox is how closely they communicate with us. They gave us the forum where we talk to each other, but they also join in on our conversations here and there. I doubt that Uni has the time to read each and every single post that is posted, but when they see a "Happy Birthday" post, someone at Uni takes the time to extend birthday wishes. When one of us was ill in the hospital, someone took a minute and extended get well wishes. No other survey site in my experience does that.
    We have all had our complaints from time to time, but I just want Univox to know that they are appreciated and take a minute to say "Thank you, Univox!"
  • Marvy
    I agree. There are many things that makes this site unique from others. Thanks for getting the conversation started.
  • J Zerbs
    Thought the same thing about the poll but i voted shoutmix because I've never seen another survey site that has a live chat feature like that. They are generous with points not only in the various contests they have but with what they pay for surveys. I've seen some surveys available both on univox and other sites and univox always seems to pay more than the other sites do. They've made a lot of improvements since I first joined and I've tried other survey sites but haven't found one I like better than univox.
  • charsocal
    - I also chose shoutmix and agree with everything else you have said.
  • Kingalfred
    The more a site has going on..the more hits it gets...the more hits it gets..the more popular it seems..the more popular it seems..the better people think it is ...having said all that...only the the premium...ambassadors ..get looked after..with 20 30 40 invites a day....the rest of us...basics...just here to make the numbers up...
  • Paulgro
    I voted customer support.
  • pallavi
    The more a site has going on..the more hits it gets...the more hits it gets..the more popular it seems..the more popular it seems..the better people think it is ...having said all that...only the the premium...ambassadors ..get looked after..with 20 30 40 invites a day....the rest of us...basics...just here to make the numbers up...
  • Admin
    Thank you thank you so, read your post closely with word by word and really felt on cloud nine. It feels so good when our efforts get noticed and felt by our members,our main aim to let our members feels connected and comfortable and that can not happen without a communication. When a site is for our users then their views are equally important for us, definitively not all their views can be implemented but most feasible have been implemented.
    Any doubts, complaints misinterpretation can be dilute only with effective communication and we highly try to follow though.
    In forum though not all post is feasible to answer but most of them we always try to jot down something and try to be part of their important events in life.
    Thank you so much for taking out time and notice and write down all in details.we will always try to keep up to our members expectations. Have great time stay blessed. :)
  • Syvynn
    I said the forum. However, I don't think that Univox is using it to their full potential. For one, I think they could have a support board on here (that Support actually checks and responds to). For instance if User X is having an issue with their their login for the panel, they could post a thread here (if they wanted) and have Support actually chime in with a 'We see you're having an issue, and we're working on that for you." Because it's a little frustrating with email because you don't know if they read your email, you don't know if they are working on your issue, or you don't know if they actually received your email.

    Another forum use that they aren't tapping into would be a Q&A board where users can post a question to Admin and actually have them answer it. I mean a set place to do this so people aren't including it on another post or asking it in a weird location on page 12 of a fun post. It would be nice if Admin would answer the 80% of the questions that are floating around here that they either don't see or ignore. For example, I don't know if they are ignoring the questions about the Video contest winners or the Bug report winners... and I don't know why they aren't answering. If they decided they didn't want to do the contest after all... at least they could be upfront and say something, anything.

    When I joined the forum, I thought it was a conduit to Univox for issues, questions, concerns, etc. However, since that doesn't appear to be the case 90% of the time, this forum isn't a conduit to Univox but a conduit to other members. While I like the "chatting with other members" I would also like it to be more "direct line to Univox" or at least some half-an-half version of that.
  • Kingalfred
    Hmm pallavi .,., couldnt have said it better myself ...
  • Mike M
    Why are you copying and pasting other members remarks? You have done this in more than one category of the forums. If you have something to say use your own thoughts. X-)
    I say the Shoutmix and forums make Univox different from other survey sites that I use. I feel more connected with Univox and that they respond well to their members. None of the other sites I use have any communications with their members that all can see and respond to
  • Omar
    @Donna Due to me "Shout mix"
    and another choose isn't in list
    Univox pay to us even though got disqualified
  • bigdayqueen
    Shout mix is really special, but getting 5 points even if you get disqualified is a great benefit too!
  • frances turkel
    Donna thank you I agree with everything you shared couldn't say it better my self!
    Some people do not realize that receiving 5 pts for just taking a survey even if you don't qualify is a lot
    more then most survey company's....This is a special site where Univox is very given and understanding...sharing birthday's wishing well when one of us are ill and etc ...I really wish people would think before they type and realize what their typing....thank you again sis
  • J Zerbs
    The 5 points add up and it's one of the reasons I prefer univox to other survey sites. Even when a survey doesn't redirect after being disqualified I'm able to get the 5 points pretty much every time.
  • Paulgro
    I'm having nothing but trouble with sample cube and it hasn't been giving me 5 points or anything. I get so far and see a blank gray page. I was only about to send Admin one survey number so I will probably get ripped off of 25 cents for the other ones I can't account for. Univox still has many problems to fix!
  • Admin
    We do always reply to our users in case of any query but only lag is its huge ocean with variety of queries and post so sometimes the main thread get lost on midst of wave of many other post. We may introduce some pop up in future to get extra attention to the new thread or post. Forum indeed for all than just we keep posting the same reply everywhere, you can get the answer from many other members in candid and satisfying form who is already going through same issue or how other member has responded to that issue actually helps other members too rather we just repeating the same tone of reply every-time.So its a open platform for everyone to give their views and suggestions and share their experiences too. We keep a watch to correct or add on the missing info. Hope this has answered your query. Thanks
  • Admin
    Thanks for preferring our site over others.
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