• buitienthu
    Donald John Trump, Sr. (born June 14, 1946) is an American business magnate, investor, author, television personality, and candidate for President of the United States in the 2016 presidential election. He is chairman and president of The Trump Organization and the founder of Trump Entertainment Resorts. Trump's career, branding efforts, lifestyle, and outspoken manner helped make him a celebrity for years, a status amplified by the success of his NBC reality show, The Apprentice.

    Trump is a son of Fred Trump, a New York City real estate developer. He was strongly influenced by his father in choosing a career in real estate development. Trump worked for his father's firm, Elizabeth Trump & Son, while attending the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, and officially joined the company in 1968 upon graduation. In 1971, he was given control of the company, renaming it The Trump Organization. He remains a major figure in United States real estate and a media celebrity.

    Trump ran an exploratory campaign for president in 2000 seeking the nomination of the Reform Party, and won primaries in Michigan and California, but ended his effort before that party nominated Pat Buchanan. On June 16, 2015, Trump formally announced his candidacy for president in the 2016 election, seeking the nomination of the Republican Party. His early campaigning drew intense media coverage and garnered high levels of popular support, and since July 2015 he has consistently been the front-runner in public opinion polls for the Republican Party nomination. Trump's anti-illegal-immigration politics are a defining contrast with Republicans who have supported legal status for long-term illegal immigrants via the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2006, earning him support among working class voters amid heavy and frequent controversies in the media. He also received widespread notoriety for proposing a temporary moratorium on Muslim immigration until better security precautions are implemented.
  • frances turkel
    who took the ad away I still want Trump I do not care what everyone is talking about!!!!
    at least he didn't steal like Clinton ! He's honest and that means more to me!!!
  • Paulgro
    Trump wouldn't know honesty if it hit him in the head. Vote for who you please but read all the things that Trump has done to people and how all his hotels cost investors because he is actually a bad business man and leaves people high and dry.
  • Donna
    Hillary is worse. That witch ( and that is putting it mildly) makes me sick.
  • Karan Chetry
    I have no idea but I think he Sould get a chance Donald is a shrewed businessman...All the best Triumph do good for INDIA too
  • Donna
    ABC. Anyone But Clinton.
  • Paulgro
    It's a matter of opinion. Trump doesn't have a clue how to run a country and his big mouth would get us into another world war.
  • J Zerbs

    What candidate one votes for always comes down to opinion but what I don't get is the Trump supporters that say he is honest, does what he says and a great business man. He's the most dishonest presidential candidate ever and when you look at his history he rarely does what he says and is not a great business man. Not a Hillary fan either but in my opinion she is the lesser of two evils.

  • Donna
    I think the only reason Trump made it this far is because people liked the fact that he is a Washington outsider and they are sick of the corruption inside. So they are ok with bringing in corruption from the outside. They are both sorry choices.
  • Chris1955
    I live in New Jersey and saw first hand what he did to the casino industry in Atlantic City, would not vote for him if nobody else was running.
  • Stan
    Way better then Clinton. Do you Americans really want Bill back in the White House again ?
  • frances turkel
    buitienthu Thank you I'm glad some one is seeing and hearing what I'm trying to tell everyone
  • Donna
    I still don't like Trump, but I like Hillary Clinton even less. I will be disappointed if she is our first female president because she is a complete disgrace.
  • Donna
    I won't vote for Clinton, but I won't say Trump is better, either. They're both pretty bad.
  • Benny
    This is a no win situation. I can't believe that these two would ever be running for President. I guess it's Democracy at its best. Good luck to all.
  • Krystyna
    I'm not much into discussing politics with friends ,just want to say that this year I'm not voting......
  • Paulgro
    I moved to AZ from NJ. Christie bailed Trump out by taking a $35,000,000 tax debt and put it down to $5,000,000. It's not sure if Trump ever paid that. It's one of the things that people outside of NJ don't really know about. All his business he makes money because he gets it off the top and leaves his investors to pay the bills. This is the guy they want in the W.H. He is about as crooked as they come so why people think otherwise tells me they only hear what he says and believes it.
  • Paulgro
    Yes I do. When Bill was President , unemployment was down the country was making money. I really could care less about his sex life if that's what you are bringing up. I only care how well this country is.
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