• sascha
    On August 2nd, I redeemed for Paypal. The payment was deposited into my account on the 3rd. Under "REDEEM" it's listed as having been rejected. (Obviously it wasn't since it's in my Paypal account.) I also received an email from Univox asking me to verify my details, which I did. Do not understand why I received the email or why payment is listed as such, since I have been a member for 5 years, am Premium level, and have been listed as Verified for quite some time. Anyone else out there experiencing the same nonsense?
  • Syvynn
    I cashed out earlier, 15 Amazon. Got a email that said I redeemed, get it within 2 weeks. Refresh dashboard and my points are still there and no redeem is listed for todays date in my Redeem points area.
  • J Zerbs
    Haven't had to verify my info since they first asked me for it. I remember on shoutmix you mentioned you spelled your name differently here on Uni than it's spelled on the majority of your documents. Maybe that's why they asked you to verify you info again?
  • sascha
    it could be. When I first signed up for this site I used my name the way I spell it here. I went in my profile and updated the name to my given name. Maybe they realized that my Paypal account has the other spelling on it instead of this one. I never thought before to notify them. FUNNY NOTE- My brother called me to thank me for his birthday card and then asked why I spelled my name wrong. I had to tell him that it is my birth name. He started laughing. He thought I was joking. My actual name has 40 characters. Most forms are set up to take a maximum of 26 characters.
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