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    6. Asking Questions
    Most people assume that they know answers. Their assumptions actually hold them back from knowing the truth. Truly, you want to ask questions to gain clarity about the direction you are heading. The fact is that many people don't ask any questions as they habitually guess their way by creating answers for themselves.
    To become a millionaire, don't answer your questions, but question your answers. When you need to know the facts, you must inquire, not just make assumptions. Many people don't want to ask questions because it exposes them to confront the reality of their circumstance, which may scare them. Moreover, asking questions forces them into the laborious task of thinking, which is why they fail to ask questions.

    Judge a man by his questions rather than his answers. -Voltaire

    7. Become a Master
    One time, a fine pianist performed at a party for 50 rich women. After she was done, a woman from the party said to the virtuoso, "I'd give anything to play as you do." As the master pianist sipped her coffee in slow motion, she took a brief pause and said, "Oh no you wouldn't." Soon, a great hush filled the room as they were baffled in astonishment and massive confusion.
    She continued, "You'd give anything to play as I do, except time. You wouldn't sit and practice, hour after hour, day after day, year after years." Then she flashed a warm smile while repositioning her coffee cup. "Please understand, I'm not criticizing," she said. "I'm just telling you that when you say you'd give anything to play as I do, you don't really mean it. You really don't mean it at all."

    Every master was once a disaster. - T. Harv Eker

    8. Embellish Your Appearance
    Upgrading your appearance is instrumental to becoming a millionaire. Avoiding bad habits like drugs, tobacco, and excessive drinking of alcohol will always give you a more confident expression. By exercising four to five times per week, you are destined to become more physically attractive. You can easily beautify yourself by making minor changes to your appearances.
    I have seen older men who apply mascara to their gray hairs. I know a woman who takes regular naps and occasionally sleeps 12 hours straight to avoid baggy eyes. Constantly embellish your appearance, even in the smallest ways, like shaving or applying cosmetics. Soon enough, you'll find more opportunities attracted to you. Looking like a millionaire is a best way to becoming one!

    9. Doing the Maximum
    The only element of success that you can control is your effort. Most people do minimum work, but expect maximum results. Instead of shirking the responsibilities of work, millionaires find better ways to achieve their goals. They go the extra mile to leverage themselves through people and systems, while using their efforts to optimize their talents.
    Recently, we had more than three feet of snow, which requires tremendous effort to remove. My neighbour checked on me to see how I was doing. He was drenched in snow when he asked, "Aren't you going to come out and shovel?" I told him, "Nope, I hired someone to do it." When you maximize your efforts by focusing on how you can utilize your talents, you will dramatically increase your wealth.

    People pretend not like grapes when the vines are too high for them to reach. - Marguerite de Navarre

    10. Obey the 'Rule of 500'
    Early on in your business, you might have a great struggle obtaining clients. It wasn't until you ran into the "Rule of 500" concept. Basically, this habit can taught you that if you wanted to become a millionaire, you would have to constantly reach out to a minimum of 500 people per month, either by phone or email. Knowing that you would face a lot of rejection, you was still willing to make it happen.
    At first, you'll have to search diligently for these people who need your talent the most. When you grasp their attention with an email or phone call, you must move in with great initiative to offer your product or service. Obviously, not everyone will like you or what you offer, so be ready to face massive rejection. You'll be lucky if you have a 5 percent conversion rate when reaching out!

    Good habits are as addictive as bad habits. Once you've adopted a good habit, keep gaining new ones. An average person develops 6-10 new habits per year, which also means that they are dropping 6-10 old habits! Regardless, think about your daily habits and how they affect you. And remember, you make your habits in the beginning, and then your habits make you!
    PS- This Article was originally published on entrepreneur.com by Daniel Ally
  • godseeconomy
    That's right, success is 90% perseverance and 10% inspiration.
  • Vanessa Merryman
    This was very insightful, and motivating. Thank you for taking the time to share this valuable information.
  • Vanessa Merryman
    I do have one question for Admin. Where can I find the first five habits?
  • Krystyna
    On the forum's left side menu,please click on "noteworthy" (under categories)option,there you will find the rest of it....
  • Admin
    Please click on Forum section in Univox and then click on noteworthy column there you can find the other part..
  • frances turkel
    I JUST READ TIME FOR CHANGE: This is one fantastic reading marterial for every one in our community! Wonderful successful ideas to form into habits and bad habits to drop! I found since i've dropped bad habits this gave me more time to do things I really enjoy and to have more time for my survey's...from answering survey's to testing products for many company's! I'm sharing this for all new people coming to our community! First view you'll say will I be kept busy enough and after doing your survey's for a few weeks WOW! YOU'LL REALIZE EVERYTHING IN YOUR OLD VIEWS ARE SO WRONG AND YOU'LL HAVE PLENTY OF WORK AND AS YOU DO MORE AND MORE SURVEY'S YOUR LEARNING AND EXPERIENCING AND SHARING VIEWS WITH YOURSELF AND THE WHOLE WORLD;! Most of all your learning and exceptfull of all new views and you belong to the most wonderful family on earth thank you family for helping me through some really tough times!
  • Dan D
    Sorry but the topic is misleading. These tips are more so to make you successful rather than a millionaire. If you want to be a millionaire, you should have more discipline with your money. If you make great financial decisions; save up for retirement; reduce debt and control your spending habits you can easily be a millionaire well before the age of 40.
  • J Zerbs
    Depends how much $ you make to begin with.
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