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    We all look for miracle to happen to change our life in numerous ways but only changing few ways to look at the things can change our life searching for the habits that could change our life.
    You have to determine to make a change and you must deeply inspire to become successful, but you didn't know what to do or where to start. However if you change your habits, your habits would change you. Instead of fooling around with miscellaneous activities, like sports and television, you should decide to take up new habits, like reading books, writings, and giving speeches.

    These habits led to a succession of positive results. Professionally, you will become more competent. Personally, you will become more confident. The realization that competence breeds confidence is the pivotal point. It will enable us to reach the acme of success, allowing us to create a wealth and inspiration for millions of people.

    Moreover, it came at a great sacrifice. Therefore, here are the 10 powerful habits that can help you to become a millionaire: (Destiny and hard work can play pivotal role)

    1. Simplify Your Words
    How well do you spread your message? Millionaires know how to share their message in simplest terms. They use their words with precision and possess deep meaning in what they say.. By speaking pompously, many people exterminate their opportunities. In short, never drown people in the sea of verbosity.
    To learn to speak with ease, join your local Toastmasters club to brush up on your communication skills. Unfortunately, too many people get lazy with their communication and subtly conform to the habits of others. However, millionaires diligently work on how to improve what they say and seamlessly find easier ways to say it, whether it's verbally or written.

    2. Abandon the Old
    Before you are able to face the new, you must relinquish the old. If you want a new car or house, then bless the old one and search for the new. When you want to achieve a positive mindset, you must get rid of the negative one first. To abandon your negative habits, you must replace them with positive ones.
    We are what we repeatedly do. Therefore, excellence is not an act, but a habit. - Aristotle

    3.Daily Goal-Setting
    Every day, set your goals on paper. This is an inspiring habit that should be promise to keep for the rest of our life. Whether you're writing your financial projections, planning your weekly tasks, or scheming new ways to build your empire, you'll want to procure a daily goal-setting habit that will give you momentum on a daily basis.
    When you set your goals every day, it allows you to prioritize and keep "first things first." Prioritization is doing first what matters most. Instead of pursuing $100 actions, this habit will promote you to embody $1,000 activities. Once you accumulate more profitable activities in your day, you'll add money to the bank, making you a millionaire in the process.

    4.Being Congruent
    You must do what you say you're going to do. There will be many times in your life where you'll be asked to sacrifice your personal values to reach professional goals. When this temptation occurs, don't do it. There's nothing more valuable than remaining congruent in your personal and professional lives. It allows you to mix "business with pleasure."
    Strangely enough, many people tell you that you can't mix business with pleasure. However, this assertion is absurd and will only be preached by incongruent people. When you're doing what you love, business is pleasure. When you're living a life that is based on integrity, your reputation will grow, enriching yourself and many others in the process. Never put your reputation in jeopardy by failing to remain congruent with your highest values and ideals.

    5. Decision-Making
    The more decisions you make, the more successful you will be. While one person could make a dozen decisions in a day, another one can make hundreds in a day. The person who makes the most decisions will win, even if their decisions lead to failure. Just imagine, if you were going the opposite way on a one-way street, you'd learn to quickly make adjustments!
    However, most people are afraid to make crucial decisions because they are conquered by fears, which leaves them paralyzed. Being paralyzed prevents them from making decisions, thereby forcing them to forfeit opportunities. Always make a decision, even if you don't know where it will lead. Soon enough, you'll find the answers you need.
    PS- This Article was originally published on entrepreneur.com by Daniel Ally
  • godseeconomy
    Really hard work!!!!! Need to be a self-setting goal-focused person to get anywhere in life.
  • bigdayqueen
    Yahoo...I'm going to be a millionaire!
  • godseeconomy
    All the best, bigdayqueen. Don't forget me!!!!
  • Patrick Raymond
    Setting goals is important to me and generally has turned out succesfully.
  • frances turkel
    All my life I been writing lists of everything I have to do in a day and alot of people told me thats redictous and yet I read this Arrticle and Now I realiaze I'm doing the right things....G-d if this makes me a millionaire Thats something I've never thought of!!
    Community if you do anything before you finish all your work I HIGHLY RECOMEND READ THIS
    I love doing Suvey's and you can make money but, you have to have patience or nothing will be a complished!
  • Ashok Bhatia
    really we need to follow.
  • Crafty501
    Good article. I make a list everyday my "to do" list. Not everything gets completed, but I just transfer what I didn't finish to the next day. It works at least for me. I have my goals - short term and long term and I don't give up. If something doesn't happen right away, I try harder and keep my focus.
  • Jules

    Admin I thought u were testing our word knowledge using "Congruent". Yep is real word u r very clever
  • MarcoM
  • Stan
    Today's goals wash the windows outside and inside, wash shears and uncover the patio furniture. Spring has finally arrived in Ontario. It just may be warm enough for shorts by Sunday!!!!!!!!! 8-)
  • editions70
    Excellent - In short...Find purpose, means follow!!!!!
  • Micheal Bomerg
    Thanks that is exactly what i needed .
  • Debasmita
    It's important to set the goal..
  • LuisGimenez
    i like it.. thx for that.
  • Micheal Bomerg
    Thanks for these tips
  • lilkekeezy
    Being shy will forever set me back
  • frances turkel
    10 Powerful Habits That can Make You a successful:Part-1
    Admin Part one of Habits make success is very interesting I hope this helps all of us to become very successful doing our survey's and all the interesting contest and sharing on our community thank you again
  • AleksShamles
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