• simon carthy
    i want to say thank you admin and others whom trying to help other members in problems .
    i would like to say thank you cause you deal all the time with angrey people .
    and i want you to help me with my problem
    i am new member yes its true and i was able to see the number 80 all the time on my homepage after loginig , and i was able to see many surveys in my dashbord or popular surveys tap
    i know not all surveyes is for me and i am not qualify for most of them. one day i logged and opened reffer tap to see my point that is from referring people then back to dashbord . then puff a zero number showd up . and no survey is available . i contacted the support and the replaied that the reset my account and should see surveys shortly . 24 hours later nothing happend . but i get invites to a survey by email and i take it till the end .
    i got new invit by email again .
    i contact support again . they replay that there is no surveys that matching my profile righ now .
    i know i am not big match for all surveys but why i was able to try any of before and in less than 30 seconds it is gone? if i did something wrong i wil be happy if i know it at least to aplogiz .
    we know how things goes . and i respect your call and if you can fix this so pleas help me
    with kind regards
    Simon Carthy
  • cjsenour
    It happens from time to time that there are no surveys. You might check your profile to be sure it is up to date. Other than that, you may just have to wait for the surveys to come back.
  • simon carthy
    @Admin pleas . i know you are busy . just take a look . with regards
    thank you
  • Nat M

    Take a screenshot of your email invite with the date/time of the computer in it. Then go to your dashboard and take a screenshot of your empty dashboard with the computer date/time in it.

    Then email Support again and ask why is this survey not visible in my dashboard and refer to the date/time of the screenshots taken. Tell them that there is a glitch on there side and your account should be reset again.
  • simon carthy
    i did today at this moment
    i hope they help me at least with fair answers
  • Jiny


    My surveys suddenly disappeared after I changed my place of residence and I also changed the internet in the new home
    I called support and told them about the problem and the response came that there are currently no surveys for my account, knowing that I receive surveys in my email
    Is there a problem with the site??
    Please help me

    Thank you.
  • cjsenour
    Did you update your profile? That might help. We all have "no survey" occasionally. Call support again.
  • Jiny

    I definitely updated my profile
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