• Login Issues
    I read that many people have the same problem as me. Are the members of Univox the victim of a major technical error?
  • Login Issues
    Hello everyone, I just received the following message from Univox

    We have determined, based on your participation in our panel, that you have done one of the following, losing your participation in our community:

    Provided false profile information
    Misuse of our Refer-a-Friend campaign or other available promotions
    Did not provide honest survey responses
    Coarse language used in communication
    Engage in any other offensive behavior
    All points awarded and redemption requests have been canceled at this time. But sorry, I didn't make a mistake with Univox, So please, I want to get my points back and also allow me to go to my account, bye everyone

    This is the second time that I have contacted support and I hope in the next few days I will be able to give a positive response to get my Univox account back.

René Germain

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