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    Thanks for guidance
  • Guide To "Refer A Friend"
    Thanks for wonderful information on referral system

    My request is to introduce a system so that anybody can view activity done by his / her referrals
  • Pymetrics app testing survey
    Many thanks to univox for 150 points and 10$
  • Referrals
    Thanks for advise

    I will definitely write e mail
  • Referrals
    Already 5 days are over

    Should I write e mail to the support division or should I wait further

    Kindly advise
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    It requires minimum how many days
  • Referrals
    one of my referrals has completed two surveys and attempted 32 surveys.

    do i need to apply for getting 100 points in my account ?

    how many days it takes for points to be credited ?

    kindly advise
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    Thanks for your response

    What I understand that app gives more rewards than univox website
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Kiran Rindani

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