• I have had zero surveys since 1/31/2020
    Their emails telling you theres nothing avail due to your demos is all bs.
    When a bunch of use got banned last summer, I had made a new account. Everything I had answered for the demo questions in our profiles were exactly the same as for this account. The only thing that was different was my Email address.

    Before I screwed up & got myself locked out this account I wasnt getting any surveys since Dec. So about two months.
    So out of curiosity I signed into the account I made in the summer
    My dashbord was full of surveys. 40+ of them. I did this for a couple of days. I never had any on this account but the other account was always 40+
    I mentioned a while back that the no surveys on mine & other peoples dashboards had nothing to do with our demo questions/answers in our profiles. We got soft banned for some reason or another.

    Thats all I have to say about that.
  • No answer from Admin
    Ive sent 5 emails to support since Feb 8th 2020 & I have yet to get a reply.
  • Cant log in

    Well that was a false reply then. :roll:
    4 times now since Feb. 8th 2020 I have emailed about this.
    & 4 times I have received ZERO replies about it.
  • Donate Now - Fire Fight Australia
    No, KD Lang was later. It was Tina Arena. I caught her last two songs.
    After it was over I did wish I had watched it all.
  • Cant log in

    I have twice now.
    Once on Feb 8th & another on Feb 13th with nothing in return. Ill try again tho.

    Are you meaning on a desktop/laptop?
    If so, that is the only way I come on this site. I dont do this site on a mobile device
  • Donate Now - Fire Fight Australia
    That Fire Fight Australia show was a good concert last night. I didnt watch it all. Only from uh That lady who was on just before Alice Cooper. But it was good. & with Queen recreating their '85 Live Aid set list that was great. Anyway Im going to buy one of them Fire Fight AU concert Tees. it says on the site that 100% goes to the charity.
  • NO surveys - at all
    I cant log in now. But Im pretty sure that was my own fault/stupidity.
    Earlier yesterday I needed to use my VPN for something, & forgot to close the browser/tab I had my dashboard on. I refreshed the page & got logged out.

    So now I cant even sign in.I get that technical error message.
    I sent an email straight away, so hopefully that will be fixed.
  • NO surveys - at all
    I take it we got banned (Or for the ones who werent banned in the summer) again.
    They're just being kind & allowing us to log on this time.

    Im on day 8 or 9 now.
    Ive sent another emaili. If I get the same BS response about nothing matching my profile.
    Im calling bulls**t again.
  • NO surveys - at all
    The emails stating
    We apologize for the inconvenience caused to you. would like to share with you that currently, we don't have surveys matching to your profile. Whenever we have the next batch available survey, we will reach out to you.

    Is a bunch of BS :wink: :halo: :smile:

    Today is another day I have zero
  • There is a new Engagement Score contest.
    I think these contests are their attempt to get some kind of positive feedback on sites like survey police. LOL.
    Lord knows they need it over there
  • NO surveys - at all
    I got the same.

    Dear Member,
    Thanks for reaching out to us!

    We apologize for the inconvenience caused to you. would like to share with you that currently, we don't have surveys matching to your profile. Whenever we have the next batch available survey, we will reach out to you. Thanks for your patience and for being a valuable member of the community.

    Always looking to serve you better.
    Team Univox

    For FAQs, Click here - https:/qnabot.com/univoxcommunity
    Follow us on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/univoxcommunity

    They were also always looking to serve me better when they banned me last year. LOL
  • NO surveys - at all
    Day 3 zero surveys. No wonder why this site continues to get really crappy reviews & 1/2 stars on survey police
  • NO surveys - at all
    ya, same.
    Nothing yesterday, nothing so far today.
    I need 10cents to get my final cash out & ditch this POS site for good.
  • Fibbing LOI again !
    I just did one 61 points 1 loi
    it took 15 min.
  • Redemption rules
    1. You can request a reward only if your previous request is approved

    So what happens to the ones whos request hasnt been approved?
    Any point to them sticking around on this site?
    Or do they have to pay the $1 fee.

    Ive never seen a site charge a fee to get what is owed to you. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
    Thats not counting a paypal fee. Thats different
  • POLL
    Have you decided yours new year's resolution for 2020?

    Yes, Mines is to come to this site maybe once a month.
  • Is there any point to this site anymore?
    Its a drag when you spend said amount of time on this with a crap outcome.
    Im here till I have enough to cash out.
    I have 599 now. So maybe by summer Ill have the 1000.
    & then reading all the complaints about redemption times. I might get the $10 by next Christmas. :rofl:
    I just cba about this site anymore.
    I basically come here now when the other sites I go to have nothing

    The constant looping is what I had meant for the no DQs.
  • Redemption
    I got my $10 redemption in 8 minutes. :grin:
    Obvio it wasnt from this site. I havent had enough to cash out since September.
  • Aussie Invasion
    Its an ok bring back. I think it was better when the show was on channel 7 tho
  • Not fair Competition!
    thanks for the 31 cents in 10 attempts that took me 30+ min to do. Much appreciated!! :)

    Also thanks for the $25 amazon card. under 12hours to receive it was awesome.

    Oh sorry, the amazon card was from a better site that doesnt dick you around with your time on either surveys or redemption's
  • Aussie Invasion
    Whats up with Beau Ryan & hugging all the teams at the pit stop on The Amazing Race.
    Its always a awkward watch.
  • @ Admin........Please Answer
    not for nothing but people who are Ambassador level shouldnt have to go through "account validation" anymore.
    Im on one site & once you reach a certain level payment is instant. You do have to wait 24hs (business day) the 1st time. But then 10-15min max is the longest ive waited to see the funds have been sent.
  • Why has this site gone downhill?
    i disagree with . Other sites im on that have Survey Cube Samplers always work for me. I either get them completed or they give me DQ points.
    Only this place screws me out of completes or DQ points.

    I had TWELVE!!!! on my dashboard today. 6Dq points. & 31 points for a 15min survey that i completed in under 5. Yea i rushed through it, do i care? nope. :) :)

    That makes my grand total so far for Oct 168 points!!

    I dont know what means. But I know what I mean.
    Here you are who admitted you were abusing a loophole/glitch on the app & Eff all happened with your account. You were still allowed to do surveys like nothing you admitted even happened. Meanwhile when all that BS was going on, a lot of us genuine players got banned for NO reason at all. & all we got was an "opps we fu**ed up, you can have your account back" I dont know about the others who got unbanned after 3 weeks, but I know ever since I was unbanned i've been getting SFA on my dashboard.
    Meanwhile youre stll here getting a ton of survey attempts & completions.

    Ive a big whole 7 attempts today. What did I get out of it?
    3 looping ones & 4 "Message
    Oops! It looks like something went wrong..." messages

    its a joke
    i want the survey attempts that the known cheater or a nicer way of saying it (person who abused a loophole) is getting.
    email support if youre not getting any or very few.
    i actually got more than 2 show up on my dashboard after they replied.
    I was fed up earlier this morning with only getting 1 survey on my dashboard since Saturday morning.
    My screenshot on some other thread wasnt a lie. Including today ive has about 35 surveys show up on my dashboard for the month of October. more than 1/2 resulted in blanks no dqs.I told them i used to get 20-40 a day.
    Meanwhile on another site i go to, ive already cashed out 23$ for the month of October. That might not seem like very much, but its miles more than the 70 CENTS ive gotten from this place this month
  • Not much luck here today
    Blank dashboard for me once again. Jesus ill be able to cash out the 1000 sometime come Dec 2020 "If" my dashboard remains the trend it has this month
  • Got my fingers crossed...
    my dashboard once again is blank. But the good news is is that I got a redemption email 7 days after i got the actual redemption. Jesus.....a little slow
  • Today blank page on every survey I click
    I would say bulls**t to it being fixed. But i guess you need actual surveys on your dashboard to see if it is or not
  • Not much luck here today
    This has been my month.
    the rest of the time its been
    " Message

    Oops! It looks like something went wrong..."
    i had 9. i tried 3, out of those 3 i got....


    Oops! It looks like something went wrong...

    goes back to my other sites as i really cba
  • WOF Problems
    the list i got mailed is current.......I think. My name is on it. Not a clue HOW my name is on it tho. This isnt my go to site anymore.
    The top person is different in the email. Than what is being shown on the wall.

    I also noticed that my level is different.
    My user level everywhere on this sit says "User Level: Ambassador"
    But according to the list in the email.....It says I get 75 points.
    Thats a Premium user reward
  • Trick to get a few DQ points.
    i have a trick as well. ive been doing it for the past few days.
    Close down the tab you have Uni on & go spend your time on another site that actually gives you DQ points or points for completing a survey.
    Like i said, ive been doing this trick for the past few days now & I cant believe i make more than 8-10 CENTS within 30 min of trying.
  • New Poll

    12:23pm est.
    Ya'll arent being honest!
  • Admin.... We have another problem
    Admin is too busy laughing their a** off to care.
    Am I bitter? yup
    I was getting the blank survey page (like in the 1st post) for 2 days straight a few days ago.
    Before that I was getting a lot of no redirection pages
    Do these "duds" of yours come from the stupid "hot surveys" tab?
    I noticed mine do.

    the stupid hot surveys/my surveys tab is nothing more than a waste of time.
    OK, im off. I got to see if i can squeeze out another 15 CENTS from this site today.
    if i keep it up...ill make a $1 from this site by the end of next week!!!
  • Hot surveys tab
    its just a waste of time.
    I CBA to click back n forth. I just right click dashboard in new tab & i get all of them on one page. Mind you over the past two weeks the most ive had in one go is 5. I get absolutely no where near the same amount i used to get before i got banned/unbanned
  • Multiple accounts spotted!
    Walks by......
    Keeps on walking.
  • "The Kitty Litter Tray"
    I'm done. :lol:
  • Engagement score
    Just to be clear. I NEVER received the moneies x2. It was ONLY the engagement score that was doubled.

    I would also receive DQ points at times for those "Oppps" messages.
    I figured it was just Univox saying sorry for all the opppps.
  • is there any link between mass deletion of accounts and app not working?

    Hi yes. I hope you are well today :)

    I was wondering was my account closed for being one of these people?..... "
    bad users and those accounts whose survey history is suspicious according to the client end reportsAdmin

    or was it closed down for being one of these people?......
    due to their usage of inappropriate language (abusive/gibberish) in the surveys.Admin

    You have given two different answers on two different threads about why people like me have been banned/closed down.
    & yet neither of the reasons fit me.
  • Important: Univox Member Update
    gibberish answers to me would = "fykfryukru" dropping my pen on the keyboard. Something ive never done. Even tho getting repeated questions in the same survey a few times makes you want to.
    IE: Why did you give it a rating of "said number"

    Flat out lying is something ive never done as well.
    One survey I would get at times would be about sports. How interested are you in NFL, NBA, NHL....so forth.
    So for me to answer honestly would be..."Im NOT interested in the NHL"
    The survey continues on.
    Again me being 100% honest on my feelings/views on the NHL.
    Asking questions like Who is your fav team, how many hours do you watch per week. Those types of questions.
    Straight down the line...no, never, None of them, Not interested. $0, 0 hours per week.

    How much more honest do you want me to be?

  • Important: Univox Member Update
    yes hi, I hope you are well :)
    I was just wondering if I can rinse your survey site out of 1000 dollars in a 8-9months time frame by abusing a glitch in your system? I wont get banned or anything right? I can continue to do surveys without worrying, yes?
    Asking for a friend :)

    On another note. Im not as 1/2 pissed off considering I only had like 5$ in my account before y'all decided to ban me for a total BS reason. What reason that is? I dont know. Y'all gave me like 2-3 reasons in the numerous email y'all sent me.
    You think one or two emails telling me would be enough. Apparently not, as I was still receiving emails from y'all throughout the night.
  • Big App Problem !

    meanwhile the ones who did take advantage of the glitch are still tmk not banned. Meanwhile here i was clicking away to get at least 25$ a month off this site has now been banned. "Because your survey history pattern is highly suspicious and open end answers quality was very bad according to the data we have received from our clients."

    its bullshit
  • Oops! It seems to be a technical issue

    Cool for people who use the app.
    Ive never used the app. This is on a desktop

    tried, no help.
  • Survey Drought ?!?
    I just signed on. I had 22 on my dashboard. I attempted one & got DQed. ok cool, I try another one *blue bubble* survey is closed. I now have zero surveys on my dashboard. errrrrrm.
    Hahaha oh looorrrrdddd
  • 8 surveys, all apparently identical, all went Ooops
    The ones doing this to me have been the 80/10 ones. Since sunday those have been a pain.
  • Discussion Removed
    Stevens A.
    Engagement Score: 382
    was the winner yesterday on my wall. im ambassador level . I didnt see anyone near 500 points.
    My thoughts,
    its still broke somehow. I think maybe since Swapna already has 8505 points for the month ( thats 1400 more points, give or take) than Stevens. He/She is laying low. Obvio he/she will get the extra 600 points once again for being on the top for the month.
    I think you have to wait till the start of July to see if anything changes.
  • very high points surveys
    i know this is an old thread but this makes up for my last week on here.
    "Thanks for your time! You've completed all the questions and earned 425 points."
    it was a general one about gas stations. & like only not even 15 min long
  • hope sample cube issue is resolved now....i just completed 1 sample cube survey.
    "The resource you are looking for has been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable."
    ill go visit my other sites for the day. im out 2 completed surveys & a bunch of DQ points cause of this.
  • Amazon Redemptions Denied and the reason is??

    I was wrong. You were right. I just tried to buy/send myself one
    "Your gift card balance can't be applied to orders that contain Amazon gift cards"