• Admin
    December 14, 2015
    Redemption process has lot to go through,know the activity happens after you opt to redeem your points through below mentioned points :-

    1. Our redemption team receives your request and takes 4-5 working days to process it.

    2. Redemption team will carefully analyzes the redemption data means individual redeemer accounts will be scrutinized.

    3. On the basis of their analysis, the team either rejects or approve the redemption.

    4. When your redemption request is approved, an email is sent to you with your reward link, also link gets updates in Univox for you to generate the Gift Code.

    5. And when the redemption team rejects your redemption due to any reason, an email will be sent to you informing about the rejection with a Verification Link for you to verify your details and once you have verified your information, within 1-2 working days, your gift code will be approved to claim.

    6.If any chance your redemption is rejected two consecutive times and again you will receive the same link which you can ignore and inform our team regarding the rejection.
    Our team will verify the reason and it may take 4-7 business days. After careful verification we will decide the due course of action whether to release the reward or to hold on for further investigation. Any suspected or bad users will be deleted or blocked afterward.

    So now it must be clear that when reward get rejected then it has to go through several level of scrutiny and inquiry. Delay is obvious you can send mail to our support team to know the status of progress.
    PS: You can claim your reward either via email or from the Univox platform.

  • Admin
    December 10, 2015
    On the basis of your feedback, we have made some amazing changes in the REWARD process.
    Here's the Univox Claim Your Reward Process!


    PS: In case you requested a reward in the past 3 months, but didn't receive your gift code, you can claim it from Univox Community, you have to just login and follow Process2.
  • Admin
    December 2, 2015
    We are giving the opportunity to everyone to WIN great REWARDS this holiday season!

    Here's how it goes:

    1. The Contest is open for the top 1000 survey takers and daily visitors.
    2. $50 sweepstakes will be for the top survey takers.
    3. $10 sweepstakes will be among the remaining members (Excluding the ones already participated).
    4. 1000 Univox points sweepstakes is for the rest of the participants. (Excluding the ones already participated).
    5. $100 gift code sweepstakes among 1000 daily visitors.

  • Admin
    October 13, 2015
    We recently deleted a lot of users from our Panel, as well as terminated their account. We took this step due to security and data quality reasons. Recently, we received complaints from our clients about the bad data quality, which also affected our image as a panel company. Also, because of the bad users, our genuine users were getting impacted, as these users used to fill the responses by playing around with our system which reduced the chances of genuine users to complete a survey. Our motive to delete these users is make sure that maximum surveys are available to the users who invest their time in our surveys and provide honest responses.

    At the time of registration, we conduct some checks so that fraudsters don’t dupe the system and that mechanical bots cannot successfully register. Still at times they enter the system as it's not possible to carry out all the checks in the real – time at the time of registration. For that on a regular basis, we do respondent monitoring to ensure that the quality of data isn’t compromised by fraudsters, speeders, etc.

    If your account got deleted and you feel that you can provide us additional information about you to verify your account or have any queries, please contact our customer service team at
  • Admin
    July 28, 2015
    We receive a lot of queries from our respondents inquiring why their reward or points take so long to process. We understand that respondent puts a lot of efforts and time in completing the survey and it’s really disappointing when points are not credited timely or reward takes longer time than usual to receive. We here at Univox Community appreciate your time and efforts and always try to make sure that we reward you within the given time frame. However, times due to some reasons we are not able to meet the timelines and here we would like share with you few reasons due to which your points are credited late in your account or your reward reaches you late. We hope this information helps you. :)

    Study is still live: When a study is “still in progress” we cannot really confirm whether a survey was actually completed by the respondent or not. So, in order to incentivize the respondent for a particular study, we need to wait for the final report from the client’s end once the study is closed.

    Identifying Cheater: We take our seriously and always make sure that we provide authentic data to our clients. Before we process redemptions, we filter the people who have multiple accounts or play with our system to complete a survey. We understand at times few genuine user’s redemption also get delayed during this process, however we try our best to clear the redemptions within 48 working hours.

    Technical Error: Sometimes there can be a delay in awarding the points because of some fault or error in the system. In these scenarios we always try to fix the problem ASAP and award the user accordingly.

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